DoT Gave Reliance Jio New MSC Code, Details

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Reliance Jio is the largest telecom operator in India. The telco entered the Indian telecom industry back in 2016 and right after its launch disrupted the entire market. The company has increased the competition by offering internet services at affordable prices and also become the reason for packing bags for some of the competitors.

In the latest development, the telco has received a fresh ACCESS-MSC code from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). Do note that the new MSC code is allocated for the Tamil Nadu circle. Let's have a closer look at the new ACCESS-MSC code.

The MSC code is provided by DoT to the telecom operator once they face a shortage in providing connections. MSC code allows service providers to provide new mobile numbers to new users. The new MSC code provided to Reliance Jio will allow the telco to meet the demands of one million more subscribers in the region. Just in case if you're wondering what is MSC code, then let us tell you that the MSC code is nothing but the first five digits of your mobile number.

Reliance Jio Received New ACCESS-MSC Code

According to the document shared by Dot, Reliance Jio has been allotted 93420-93429 ACCESS-MSC code for the Tamil Nadu circle. DoT has mentioned that the new MSC code will be used by Jio alone and it can’t use the numbering series for the active subscriber of Rcom, RTL, and other port out subscribers. 

It seems that the demand for fresh MSC code is high from Reliance Jio because recently the telco has received an MSC code for Madhya Pradesh (MP) circle and Gujarat circle. Back in March, the telco received 93290-93299 ACCESS-MSC code for MP circle and before that, it had received fresh ACCESS-MSC codes – 78610, 78628-78630, 78618-78620, 78638, 78598-78599 for Gujarat circles.

With the additional numbering resources, Jio will be able to add more subscribers in the Tamil Nadu circle.

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