Reliance Jio Allotted Fresh MSC Codes to Meet Increasing Demand

Reliance Jio, India’s number one telecom operator has recently been allotted fresh ACCESS-MSC codes by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT


Reliance Jio, India’s number one telecom operator, has recently been allotted fresh ACCESS-MSC codes by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to meet the increasing demand for mobile services.

For the unaware, MSC code is the first five digits of your mobile number. The DoT allots MSC codes to the operators who then use them for providing telecom services. Since these are limited resources, whenever an operator faces a shortage of MSC codes to provide new mobile numbers to the users, DoT allots the operator fresh MSC codes upon request.

The telecom department allots these codes on a regional or circle basis to the operators.

Reliance Jio Allotted 93290-93299 ACCESS MSC Code

DoT has recently allotted Reliance Jio fresh ACCESS-MSC codes to help the telco meet the demand for services from 1 million users in the Madhya Pradesh (MP) circle.

Jio has been allocated 93290-93299 ACCESS-MSC code by the telecom department. The telco had made a request for the same to meet the increasing demand for services from the state.

DoT has directed the telco to not use the numbering series for the active subscribers of Reliance Communications, Reliance Telecom and other port-out users.

It is worth noting that it hasn’t been long since DoT allocated fresh MSC codes to Jio for the Gujarat circle. ACCESS-MSC codes – 78610, 78628-78630, 78618-78620, 78638, 78598-78599, were allotted to the telco for the Gujarat circle.

The new MSC codes allotted to the telco will help it in issuing fresh mobile numbers to the new users that want to purchase the services of the telco. The recent issue of MSC-Code was to specifically help with meeting the rising demand for mobile services in the MP circle.

According to the DoT circular, the fresh MSC code will help Reliance Jio in catering to and fulfilling the demands of 1 million users in MP seeking new mobile numbers.

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