DoT issues new MSC codes to Airtel & Aircel for Tamilnadu and Delhi

The Department of Telecommunications’ (DoT) licensing wing has allocated a new set of MSC codes to Airtel and Aircel for GSM service. The new MSC codes are assigned to operators who have managed to garner a subscriber base of over a million subscribers in their licensed service area.


Bharti Airtel Limited was assigned new MSC codes for Tamil Nadu. While Aircel obtained new MSC codes for Delhi Circle. Both operators were allocated MSC codes in 75xxx range and are as follows. The latest allocation also includes MSC code which were earlier allocated to operators, whose licensees had been quashed by Supreme Court in 2012.

S.No Name of


Name of Service area Proposed ACCESS-MSC Codes to be allotted to

Meet one million subscriber


M/S Bharti Airtel Limited. Tamil Nadu includin Chennai 75300, 75388,75399, 75400, 75488

75489, 75500, 75501 , 75502, 75503

2. M/S Aircel Ltd. Delhi metro 75504, 75505, 75506,75507, 75511,

75572, 75573, 75574, 75575, 75576

Every telecom operator in the world is assigned a bi-numeral number to identify its network. The first part of this number is known as Mobile Country Code (MCC) and the other part is known as the Mobile Network Code (MNC), and they are represented in MCC-MNC format. The MCC for the operator remains constant throughout the country while the MNC varies from circle to circle.

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May 21, 2016 4:13 pm 4:13 PM

I have a doubt in my mind. May be i am wrong but please correct and clarify me if i am wrong. Can any telecom company distribute number which is of another circle to different circle. This can cause lots of inconvenience if a person wants to know from where that particular number belongs to (except N-MNP where you can transfer your number to another state). For example, yesterday i purchased a new Airtel Prepaid simcard who’s initial starts from 9205, but this particular series allotted to J&K circle. Any clue guys?? Thanks in advance.. 🙂

May 21, 2016 10:19 pm 10:19 PM

It was earlier TATA CDMA J&K series. Later, when their license was cancelled, the code was allotted to airtel Delhi. They aren’t distributing other circle nos.

May 20, 2016 6:00 pm 6:00 PM

It would be so good if Indian operators would have had one single MNC to cover the entire country instead of different networks in different states. There would have been no domestic roaming charges then!

May 20, 2016 11:38 pm 11:38 PM
I 100 % percent agree with you colorado there should be single MNC for whole india,instead of state based MNC and MSC, biggest joke is there is roaming between mumbai and maharashtra even being one state.I already dropped a mail to ravi shankar prasad 3 to 4 times even the maharashtra mps requested the telecom minister to merge maha and mumbai circle but no done uptill now even though incoming is free between paired circles like mum-mh ,kol-wb ,up-east and up-west , i dont now why the subscribers of these states and paired circle are quiet they should take morcha… Read more »
May 21, 2016 11:03 pm 11:03 PM

@AshsihI am with you.

May 20, 2016 8:00 pm 8:00 PM

Can they change it in the future?

May 20, 2016 8:59 pm 8:59 PM

Technologically it’s possible though the changes would be on a massive scale. However greedy telecom operators will never let that happen & TRAI is basically powerless as you know.