Smartwatches, Do They Make Any Sense in 2021?

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Smartwatches in 2021
We have always been keeping tabs on the latest technological advancements and tools, with one of the key ones being fitness bands and smartwatches. As users who have been testing smartwatches and fitness bands ever since the launch of the original Mi Band a couple of years back, it has been refreshing to see how far the industry as a whole has come.

But, with all such products, there ought to be a need or utility, otherwise, they become mere fashion statements. Prior to 2020, one could make a great case for the purchase of a smartwatch or fitness band, but in 2021, they seem to be less than useful, considering how we have noted the shift in usage, from daily wear to occasional wear.

This led us to list out some key things that smartwatches get right and what might make them a good decision in today's day and age, at a time when users have stopped going outside owing to the global pandemic.

1. Smartwatches are Great Notification Devices

Smartwatch Notification

Smartwatches nail the delivery of notifications. It is always appreciated to see notifications at one glance and deal with them without having to turn on the phone. As someone who gets multiple notifications each day, from news to chats, this small feature seems very useful.

Wearing a smartwatch also reduces smartphone usage to some extent, as, at least in our case, we go to check one notification and end up scrolling applications, be it Twitter or Youtube. In contrast, a smartwatch just tells us what is what and helps separate important information from random notifications.

With some smartwatches, users can also take and start calls. It is not as easy as phones, but still having this feature is quite handy if you do not wish to whip out your phone in certain scenarios.

2. Home Fitness Still Exists!

For those paying attention, it's in the name of the former, fitness is the key deal with a fitness band and smartwatch and, if the user is active, it is the best thing to keep track of the same. The multiple sensors on offer provide detailed information and, at night, you can easily check how you slept with charts.

Fitness has changed in the last year or two, with gyms still being closed or partially open, parks having been shut and swimming pools or tennis courts inactive, the only good option is to go for walks or runs and, at the peak of the pandemic, you could just take walks around your house.

If you do indeed do such things, it still makes sense to wear a smartwatch, but if fitness is your only priority, a fitness band might be the best option, both specifically and economically.

3. App Control is Pretty Handy

One good thing for any user is the ability to control music from the watch or band, be it via Spotify or Amazon Music. One can also opt for a watch that has assistant support, to look up certain things. NFC-enabled watches can make payments quite easy too.

Overall, it does make sense to get a smartwatch or a fitness band, at least according to us, but as of now splurging on expensive watches might not be ideal, so maybe take a look at budget offerings from the likes of Amazfit, Realme or Xiaomi, rather than Apple or Fitbit.

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