Dimapur and Aizawl receive Airtel Platinum 3G under Project Leap

After Agartala, Airtel has announced the launch of its Platinum 3G network in Dimapur and Aizawl under its Project Leap initiative. The Platinum 3G will enable customers to receive superior internet experience on smartphones at a lower power consumption. The technology optimizes the backend engagement between the mobile device and the network to make this possible.


“Today we are pleased to offer Platinum 3G services to our customers in Dimapur and Aizawl. In line with our long-term growth strategy for North East and Assam, we will be investing heavily in upgrading our network and providing seamless customer experience across various technologies under “Project Leap,” said Sameer Anjaria, CEO, Airtel North East and Assam.

The Project Leap initiative of Airtel targets at enhancing the network quality and thereby, delivering better customer experience. Airtel has made an investment of INR 60,000 nationally for Project Leap initiative.

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February 26, 2016 5:26 pm 5:26 PM

Telcos shud b banned frm using terms like ‘platinum’! Its just 3g in another band man! Japan only uses 2100mhz band and their 3g is still much better than this soo called ‘platinum 3g’. They are just fooling customers. Then 4G on 850mhz will be called ‘platinum 4g’ and if telcos buy 700mhz band then ‘super platinum deluxe 4g’ i mean wtf!! Stop fooling ppl

February 26, 2016 1:49 pm 1:49 PM

Will airtel launch platinum 3g pan india?
What about RoWB circle?