Deutsche Telekom Migrates Voice Subscribers to NIMS Cloud Platform

Deutsche Telekom, which provides fixed and mobile services in Germany, announced that it had cloudified voice production with radical automation through its Next Generation IP Multimedia Subsystem (NIMS) project.


  • 10 million voice subscribers have already migrated to the new cloud platform.
  • Radical automation of processes ensures superior user experience and efficiency.
  • Disaggregation enables a highly collaborative multi-vendor ecosystem.

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Deutsche Telekom Migrates Voice Subscribers to NIMS Cloud Platform

Deutsche Telekom, which provides fixed and mobile services in Germany, announced that it had reached another milestone with its Next Generation IP Multimedia Subsystem (NIMS) project to cloudify and automate the core of its IP-based voice telephony platform. The telecom service provider said that more than ten million voice subscribers have successfully migrated to the new cloud platform.

Billions of Interconnect voice minutes get Processed via NIMS

From the beginning of the project, the NIMA has focussed on a radical change to create a high-quality and effective next-generation voice platform to drive superior user experience for up to 18 million customers. As a result, over ten million voice subscriptions have successfully been migrated to the new cloud platform, while billions of interconnect voice minutes with approximately 100 interconnect partners are now completely processed via NIMS.

Commenting on the milestone, Abdu Mudesir, CTO of Telekom Deutschland, said: "With the launch of our NIMS platform, we have implemented a game-changing level of lifecycle automation for all telco cloud and payload components. This enables Deutsche Telekom to validate and deploy new software for our customers in a few days, or soon even minutes, instead of weeks – thanks to our great team and ambitious partners."

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NIMA Platform and Automation

The NIMS cloud platform enables Deutsche Telekom to create, test and launch new services quickly and with great agility to benefit its millions of users. The core fundamental innovation is the automation of the platform end to end, focusing on automated workflows across every network function.

Globally, many service providers are shifting towards cloud-native telco platforms with different degrees of automation implemented. In addition, due to the high level of disaggregation and the horizontal cloud approach, as the demand for service grows, more technology partners can easily be added.

Deutsche Telekom Fiber Rollout Plans

Deutsche Telekom plans to increase the pace of its fiber rollout significantly, as 2.5 to 3 million connections are to be added in 2023. By 2024, it is expected to have more than ten million connections. Deutsche Telekom follows a regional approach to roll out fiber optics quickly and efficiently on-site.

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Mobile Network Expansion

As per the telco, 94 per cent of people in Germany can already use 5G. More than 80,000 antennas are transmitting 5G, of which around 8,000 are planned to be on the 3.6 GHz band by the end of 2022. Deutsche Telekom's goal for the 5G rollout is to cover 99 per cent of the population by 2025. 5G Standalone is now technically available in the 2.1 GHz frequency band. Telekom also said it is looking at the 6G technology very early, as the company has taken the lead in two 6G Research projects.

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