Demystifying Tata Sky Set Top Box; Which one suits you the best?

Tata Sky was amongst the first lot of DTH operators to set their foot in India. Tata Sky DTH service was formally started in 2006 and during those days Tata Sky was bundled free with new TVs sets in a bid to introduce the consumers to DTH technology. The current scenario is such that there are more than half a dozen of DTH operators battling for a major chunk in one of the fastest growing market.

As compared with other DTH operators Tata Sky is still perched on the higher side when it comes to price. The Set Top Box is available in three configurations and Tata Sky has special offers for online purchases. You can check out the number of HD channels provided by Tata Sky here.


Tata Sky SD Rs 2050

The Standard Defination STB comes is bundled with various packages but the Rs 2050 combo makes more sense as it includes installation charges and a complimentary one month Grand Sports package. If bought online then they also toss in a 15 days extra credit. It features the program scheduling which lets you schedule program for the next 3 days. The Standard STB also has active Tata Sky Services.

Tata Sky HD Rs 2250

The High Definition STB from Tata Sky comes at a slightly higher price than the SD counterpart. This pack if bought online gives you access to Grand Sports package for two months along with HD access for two months and a couple of Showcase Movies. It has the same features as the SD version albeit the ability to playback HD channels.

Tata Sky + HD Rs 8950

The top end variant of the Set Top Box is very expensive if we consider the Videocon’s Tru HD+ STB. The package includes a fancy mic along with a Karaoke subscription so that you can literally turn your house into a Karaoke bar! Additionally you get 2 months of Grand Sports pack and 2 months HD Access along with two showcase movies. It has well-appointed recording option along with an ability to pause the programs. The best part is if you’re out of the house and yet don’t want to miss out your favorite program then schedule a recording and voila you can watch it at your disposal.

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August 13, 2014 10:37 pm 10:37 PM

AIRTEL DIGITAL, imho (in my humble opinion) is better than TATA SKY, here’s why.

With AIRTEL DIGITAL you can take the cheapest plan (with all free to air channels) and then avail the HD BOUQUET for around Rs 160 per month. In TATA SKY there is no such bouquet of HD channels – you have to necessarily avail the HD Channel you need (in the base or SD package) and then avail an HD ACCESS FEE @ Rs125 per month : this too gives you only the HD CHANNELS which are active in the base package.

August 13, 2014 11:01 pm 11:01 PM

Videocon DTH is cheapest and far better than Airtel DTH….I had used airtel dth for 2 years and at that time I had faced lots of problem like useless remote, high price package, lesser number of SD & HD channels.