Delhi 2G Drive test results 2015- Tata has the best 2G network Aircel lags behind

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TRAI conducts Audit and Assessment  of Quality of Service being provided by the  service providers through independent  agencies for Cellular Mobile Telephone Services, Basic Services and Broadband  Services. As a part  of this audit, the Audit  Agency,  M/s TUV SUD has carried  out special  independent drive test for 2G Cellular Mobile Telephone Services of Bharti Airtel, Vodafone India, Idea Cellular, Reliance Communications, Aircel and Tata Docomo in Delhi in  June July, 2015 and verified the findings with a second independent drive test conducted on the same routes in the city in September 2015. Since Tata Docomo does not have GSM network in Delhi, its CDMA network has been considered for the sake of this study.

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The report assess the network condition most specifically Radio Frequency coverage, the accessibility of the network (measured by the call setup success rate  and the block call rate), the retainability of the network (measured by drop call rate) and voice quality. Both the 900 MHz as well as 1800 MHz networks being used by all operators to provide 2G voice services were considered in the study (For Tata the 850MHz network has been considered). The details of the number of BTS set up by each operator in Delhi circle and the number of users being served by each BTS is given in the table below. The more the number of users per BTS the more congested the network is considered.

Operator Technology Band (MHz) BTS Count Subscribers* (Prepaid + Postpaid) Subscribers / BTS
Idea GSM 1800 4804 6019476 1253
Airtel GSM 900 & 1800 5988 12548419 2096
Vodafone GSM 900 & 1800 6115 9688516 1584
Reliance GSM 1800 2494 5130967 2057
Aircel GSM 1800 3749 5306870 1416
Tata CDMA 850 1466 2658454 1813

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Drive test route for Delhi circle:

The drive test was conducted over a total route length of 300 kilometres in Delhi circle passing through areas of New Delhi railway station, Mirdag marg, LNJP hospital, CP outer and inner circle, RK ashram marg, Gole Marg, GPO, RML hospital, Bhimrao marg, Akbar road, Teen murti marg, South avenue, T point, ITC Maurya, CSD road, Jail road, Airport T3, Uttam nagar, Delhi gate, Bahadur Shah marg, Mathura road, Lodhi road, CGO interior, Bhism Pitamah Road, Nehru place, INA, Delhi hat, AIIMS, Sir Arvindo marg, JNU campus outer, Qutub Minar, Saket metro, Batra hospital Govind puri. The drive test was carried out from 9 AM to 8.30 PM on 28th to 29th September 2015. In all about 3277 calls were made for all 6 operators. The performance was measured on 7 parameters which are enlisted below.

RF coverage rate:

RF Coverage relates to the geographical footprint within the system that has sufficient RF signal strength to provide for a call/data session. The Coverage rate of an operator is calculated basis of % of samples in which the Rx level is better than -85 dbm. The coverage rate varies from 92.74% (for Idea) to 51.53% (for Reliance GSM). The details are as follows

Operator name Coverage Rate Ranking
Aircel 85.97% 3
Idea 92.74% 1
Vodafone 84.35% 4
Airtel 87.75% 2
Reliance (GSM) 51.53% 6
Tata(CDMA) 82.75% 5


Accessibility  is  the  ability  of  a  service  to  be  obtained within  specific  tolerances  and  other  given conditions, when requested by the user. In other words, the ability of a user to obtain the requested service from the system.  Accessibility is monitored by measuring Call Setup Success Rate (CSSR) which is defined as the ratio of Established Calls to Call Attempts. Call block is when a call is attempted but fails to be established. The benchmark is 95%. The performance of the operators varies from 97.72% (for Tata CDMA) to 94.55% (for Aircel). The details are as follows.

Operator Name Total CallsAttempted Total Calls Blocked CSSR Ranking
Aircel 459 25 94.55% 6
Idea 548 20 96.35% 4
Vodafone 576 15 97.40% 2
Airtel 566 20 96.47% 3
Reliance (GSM) 515 21 95.92% 5
Tata (CDMA) 613 14 97.72% 1


Retainability  is  “The  ability  of  a  service,  once  obtained,  to  continue  to  be  provided  under  given conditions for a requested duration.” For determining the retainability a parameter namely Call completion success rate (CCSR) is used which implies the percentage of established calls which continue till manually disconnected by the caller and are not cut off mid sentence due to loss of signal or congested BTS. The call drop and Connection with good voice quality were monitored by the drive test. The performance of TSPs varies from 99.06% (for Idea) to 90.87% (for Aircel) as shown below.

Operator Total CallsEstablished Total CallsDropped CCSR Ranking
Aircel 459 39 90.87% 6
Idea 548 5 99.06% 1
Vodafone 576 27 95.26% 4
Airtel 566 37 93.42% 5
Reliance (GSM) 515 9 98.25% 3
Tata (CDMA) 613 9 98.50% 2


In a cellular system a base station has only a limited coverage area. Hence it is possible for a moving subscriber to get out of reach of a base station while making a call. The process by which a mobile telephone call is transferred from one base station to another as the subscriber passes the boundary of a cell is called a handover (HO). The Handover success rate (HOSR) more than 95% is considered to be good. The performance of the TSPs varies from 100.00 % (for Tata CDMA) to 96.74% (for Airtel) as shown below.

Operator Total HO Attempt Total HO Success HO Success Rate% Ranking
Aircel 1177 1141 96.94% 5
Idea 1060 1047 98.77% 3
Vodafone 1271 1253 98.58% 4
Airtel 1195 1156 96.74% 6
Reliance (GSM) 902 893 99.00% 2
Tata (CDMA) 1272 1272 100.00% 1

Voice Quality:

The quality of voice during a call is measured using an index called RxQual which is measured on a scale of 0 to 7 for GSM networks where values closer to 0 indicate better voice quality and values closer to 7 indicate poorer voice quality. 5 is set as a benchmark value for voice quality and values between 0 to 5 are considered acceptable while values above 5 are considered unacceptable. The table given below shows the percentage of voice samples which had RxQual values less than 5 out of the total number of samples and the performance has varied from 98.59% (for Tata CDMA) to 87.59% (for Airtel).

Operator name Total samples with RxQual between 0-5 Total number of samples % Of samples with RxQual above threshold value Ranking
Aircel 730700 819693 89.14% 4
Idea 1029994 1091924 94.33% 2
Vodafone 1106770 1191526 92.89% 3
Airtel 991632 1132136 87.59% 6
Reliance (GSM) 950931 1074120 88.53% 5
Tata (CDMA) 225814 229033 98.59% 1

Speech quality index:

Speech Quality Index (SQI) is a more sophisticated measure which is dedicated to reflecting the quality of the speech (as opposed to radio environment conditions). This means that when optimizing the  speech quality in network, SQI is the best criterion to use. The SQI is measured on a scale of 0 to 30 with values between 18 to 30 considered good and values less than 18 considered bad. The table given below shows the percentage of speech samples which had SQI values higher than 18 to the total number of samples and the performance varied from 82.40% (for Vodafone) to 76.87% (for Aircel).

Operator name Total Samples with SQI between18-30 Total number of Samples % Of samples with SQI above threshold value Ranking
Aircel 390056 507422 76.87% 5
Idea 398019 497744 79.96% 3
Vodafone 420954 510885 82.40% 1
Airtel 442881 558168 79.35% 4
Reliance (GSM) 314840 388693 81.00% 2
Tata (CDMA)

Carrier over interference:

the carrier over interference ratio (C/I) is the quotient between the average received modulated carrier power from the serving cell site and the average received co-channel interference power from undesired signal components, i.e. cross-talk, from other transmitters than the useful signal. C/I is measured on a scale of 0 to 30 with values between 15 to 30 considered good and values less than 15 considered bad. The table given below shows the percentage of samples which had C/I values higher than 15 to the total number of samples and the performance varied from 95.69% (for Tata CDMA) to 53.43% (for Airtel).

Operator name Total number of samples with C/I between 15-30 Total number of samples % Of samples with C/I above threshold value Ranking
Aircel 300884 483776 62.19% 5
Idea 314175 450614 69.72% 2
Vodafone 293934 441187 66.62% 3
Airtel 274736 514220 53.43% 6
Reliance (GSM) 213959 339267 63.07% 4
Tata (CDMA) 253856 265277 95.69% 1

The overall performance of Tata CDMA 2G network is the best in Delhi circle followed by Idea cellular, Vodafone India, Reliance communications, Bharti Airtel and Aircel in that order. Keep reading TelecomTalk for the latest updates in the Indian telecom industry.

Esmail is our very own in-house spectrum specialist. He is passionate about Telecom, DTH and OTT video streaming apps. When not writing an article, you can find him binge watching shows on Netflix while sipping on a cup of coffee.

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It could be Better, If Network test in Delhi is Tested GSM and CDMA Separately. CDMA is Always far better than GSM Network. How could the Independent Network Testing Agency Consider CDMA 1X as 2G Keeping it equal position with 2G GSM. CDMA 1X Comes under 3G Category [3GPP2 family]. Most of CDMA Mobiles in India has “3G CDMA” Tag Sticked on it. CDMA RF Factor (Rx) is different from GSM RF Factor. But this Independent Network Testing Agency had taken the GSM RF Parameters and implementing it with CDMA Rx (dBm asu) giving ranking accordingly. Independent Network Testing Agency… Read more »

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