How has China Developed and Embraced 5G

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5G network is at the doors, and it's more than just a faster network. The implementation of 5G is bridging the gap between technological setbacks. Nearly the entire globe is heavily investing in the 5G network to create a new global wireless standard for speed, throughput and bandwidth. China, which started investing in the network back in 2019, has developed an ecosystem that is expected to prosper in the coming future. During the Boao Forum for Asia in 2019, 5G was the centre of attraction and attracted the interests of officials, industry leaders and operators. China realising the potential granted 5G licenses for commercial use marked a new beginning in the telecommunications industry. Let’s have a short tour of China’s 5G journey.

China has Built Largest 5G Network in the World

The broad coverage of the 5G network in China is not limited to its width. In 2020, China installed 600,000 5G base stations that increased the total number of base stations to more than 718,000. Not only this, but China achieved full 5G coverage in call cities above the perfect level. The nation is expected to add another 600,000 5G base stations by the end of 2021 to expand 5G coverage in counties and towns. As of smartphone penetration, shipments of 5G smartphones hiked to 164 million units that nearly accounts for 52.9% of the nation’s smartphone shipment in 2021.

5G Network is Present in Highest Peaks and Lowest Depth of China

Back in 2020, the world’s highest 5G base station extended support and services to 6,500-meter-high-base on Mount Qomolangma, the world’s highest peak. Because of the 5G signals, live 4K views of Mount Qomolangma was streamed to millions of viewers. Also, China built a 5G intelligent coal mine in Shanxi province. At a depth of 534 meters, the network is the deepest in the country.

China Tapped Ample 5G Applications

Back in 2020, China tapped into an array of 5G applications. As reported by CGTN, nearly 1,100+ industrial projects were launched, including 5G based remote consultation. Also, new service areas such as 5G+ autonomous driving and smart education were tapped with the help of the network. China Centre for Information Industry development indicates that the nation will install nearly 15 million 5G base stations by the end of 2030. The 2021 edition of BFA is scheduled from April 18 to 21 that is going to revolve around the future of 5G.

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