CDMA Smartphone Review: MTag 351

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In the earlier post I shared my experiences as I tried my hands on latest smartphone from MTS India - MTag 352. ZTE made MTag 352 was pretty awesome as I used it for some days. Let's check out another smartphone from MTS - MTag 351. MTS MTag 351 is priced for Rs 7499 - a 1000 rupees more than MTag 352. Check out MTS MTag 352 hands on review here.

MTS MTag 351 Review

When I got the phone on my hand, I didn't like the design of the phone - it has a push key for home button which means it is a bit older phone; these days front keys are all touch buttons. Also the lock button is placed on the left side, it does often not response. 


MTag 351 comes with 800 MHz Qualcomm processor, 256 MB RAM and Adreno 200 just like MTag 352 but performance wise MTag 351 lags behind. It is probably due to MTag 351's ARM v6 processor compared to MTag 352's ARM v7 processor. It is an Alcatel smartphone running on Android 2.3.4 with bit customization which you can feel if you have used MTag 352.

On the locked home screen you can directly unlock the display into home screen, messages or calling page.


The 3.5 inch display with capacitive touchscreen with 320 x 480 resolution is well responsive, and sometimes I find its touch is a little better than MTag 352.


MTag 351 comes with 3 MP rear camera with flash and a VGA front camera. Now the front camera is almost no-use as like 3G operators CDMA operators does not offer video calls over EVDO network.

Both the cameras are pretty average.


It is well connected with WiFi, WiFi Hotspot, USB, Bluetooth and EVDO Rev A (3.1 Mbps downlink and 1.8Mbps uplink). GPS reception is good while used for Google Maps and Navigation.


The phone is very mediocre on performance. It hangs when I tried to play Angry Birds after installing. Also it hangs and restarts after a long session of WiFi Hotspot or gaming.

Battery is also draining out very fast. On my casual use it lasts for 7 hours with some calls, internet access and WiFi Hotspot.


Though MTag 351 excels in some parts like presence on Proximity sensor, 3MP camera with flash, front camera and smooth experience I did not like its design, also its battery life is pretty poor. I rate it 65/100.

As these phones are locked with MTS network, and you are likely to go for CDMA, both of these phones are excellently priced considering the bundle offers. But I must say I go for MTS MTag 352. mtag 352 vs mtag 351 comparison Table

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