Can “Honey Bunny” be the next Kolaveri for Idea cellular?

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You must be feeling "something something" after reading this "honey bunny" title in TelecommTalk. Well, that makes the headlines for today:  Idea Cellular and its all famous Honey Bunny Song which could soon be as influential as the famous "Why this Kolaveri" song.


Seems like IDEA has hit the right spot with its new honey bunny campaign! With a tagline of  "What a network" , Idea tries to ring all India with this television campaign.

In case, if the  "honey bunny" is looking very unfamiliar we strongly recommend you to watch this TV ad by idea.

With a diversified country like ours, the advertisement has done its best to reach everyone at once. The advertisement loops around a simple phone ringtone and how different people listen to it and interpret differently by singing it differently. The advertisement talks about how good is idea's network coverage from Kashmir to Kerala ringing everyone's phone.

What makes the song in campaign so special is something unknown, may be the usage of English freely (Butler English) as that of Kolaveri.  The words "Honey Bunny", "You are my pumpkin pumpkin"  could catch anyone's mind immediately.

Idea cellular has a strong history of creating effective  TV campaigns  keeping mass in mind. One of their previous popular campaigns being "Use Mobile Save Paper".

By the time the article was published, the TV commercial in youtube has grabbed more than 200,000 views.  You can download the "Honey Bunny" ringtone from their official website here.  Do Let us know your views on this TV commercial by commenting below..

Say something something, you are our honey bunnies :)


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