BSNL to replace EvDO data cards in Andhra Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab circles with 3G data cards free of cost

BSNL has announced that, since it has surrendered one 1.25 MHz carrier from its CDMA EvDO spectrum in Andhra Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab telecom circles, its EvDO data card subscribers are faced with service disruption.


To overcome this obstacle BSNL with immediate effect is offering a free replacement of it’s EvDO data cards with 3G data cards of speed up to 3.6 Mbps in the affected circles. Subscribers are required to visit their nearest CSC with their EvDO dongles and surrender them for the replacement.

The Postpaid EVDO Customers have to subscribe to a promotional postpaid data plan with Fixed Monthly Charges of Rs.750 (10 GB) valid for six months. After the initial period of 6 months, the customers will be given the option to migrate to any of the existing regular data plan of his choice. Prepaid EVDO Customers may choose any GSM data Plan/STVs.

Also In view of surrender of one CDMA carrier in Kolkata Telephone District, it has been decided by the Competent Authority to offer GSM Fixed Wireless Phone (FWP)  with SIM under GSM mobile services to the affected CDMA voice customers in Kolkata Telephone district. GSM FWP with activated SIM without activation charge is to be offered to the affected CDMA  voice customers in replacement of Fixed wireless telephone (FWT/IFW) However, it may be ensured, before offering GSM FWP as above that Customer connection must be active.

Customer may have an option to choose any plan under GSM Service. The customer has to return the FWT/IFWT  in  working condition which may be utilized in the other circles where there is demand for these sets. No freebies are to be offered to these customers at the time of activation of connection of GSM FWP. Existing security deposit of CDMA postpaid voice customers shall be transferred as security deposit of New GSM account. However, Balance of security deposit (SD as per GSM plan – SD transferred from CDMA customer account), if any, may be taken from customer before migrating the customer. If customers want to retain their existing 10 digit CDMA Mobile Number then such affected customers may be migrated through MNP.

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May 30, 2016 5:44 am 5:44 AM

This is really sad for me. i am using evdo data for past 5 years and more than happy with this service. Plans are just outstanding as compare to other ISP, especially unlimited data plans. Hope BSNL will introduce some good GSM plans because current plans are nothing compare to evdo. RIP Evdo, you will always remain in our heart. .

September 17, 2015 5:52 pm 5:52 PM
BSNL EV-DO was existing in Haryana???? Oh, you enlighten me. lol BSNL EV-Do towers were only present in CSCs and only 20% of cities were covered. Only city areas at district levels. No town ever saw BSNL EV-Do. So whether they shut or not, it wont affect anyone. This stupid company has 6.2 MHz of spectrum in 900 MHz band but yet using 3.8 MHz spectrum in 1800 MHz band in most of the towns in Haryana. Wasting 900 MHz that should be given to other serious players. Similarly Aircel which shut down services should return 4.4 MHz in 1800… Read more »
Madhan Kumar
September 17, 2015 5:12 pm 5:12 PM

BSNL is taking other gud steps like:

1) Going to merge BSNL & MTNL starting from Dec 2015.

2) In talks with companies to offer Money Transferring services(includes Talk time transfer from One num to the other) likewise AirTel Money.

3) Going to offer Mobile Money wallet services in collaboration with SBI BANK.

But none of these above mentioned BSNL news aren’t still posted by T.T(Every One knows the reason why exactly T.T didn’t post such BSNL Related Gud Articles) Duane…….?????

September 17, 2015 8:52 pm 8:52 PM
“Every One knows the reason why exactly T.T didn’t post such BSNL Related Gud Articles” Hey, speak for yourself, BSNL employee. You are accusing telecom talk? All the things you said above should have been done much earlier.. Bsnl +Mtnl merger in DEC 2015, Booo..hooo big deal. Why it even took so long, had trouble in changing name in boards and sim covers? Bsnl is waiting for every other company to establish services and gain customers, then they think about launching it. Just think when airtel started their wallet services. When are they luanching 4G ? when everyone else has… Read more »
Madhan Kumar
September 18, 2015 12:09 am 12:09 AM

@Manpreet:Yeah I accept it’s my mistake for pointing out T. T,but I am not an Idiot like wise u to blindly support such Greedy money minded Companies like Fraud Avoid Looting Group & justify whatever Avoid group does is right.In South BSNL is best I am extremely happy with their honest services(without looting) and hence I will always support Bsnl & lastly I am not an BSNL Employee.

jyotirmoy manna
September 18, 2015 9:58 am 9:58 AM

Don’t blame. TT have been always publishing bsnl related news- whether good or bad.
2nd thing is customers use networks of their iwn choice. Do not PRESS other to use the networks of your
From the last year, Bsnl is behaving like a bad private operator which is shocking to a user of 20 years like me.
Bsnl is informing subscribers about an adverse change after the change took place.
So di notmake so much noise please.

Madhan Kumar
September 18, 2015 1:56 pm 1:56 PM

Pls tell me where I compelled others to use Bsnl,I just expressed my views that’s it.

Joseph John
September 18, 2015 9:09 am 9:09 AM

/// In south bsnl is the best ////


As you are a BSNL employee/blind fan(evident from your blind comments) you may be happy with their pathetic services…but that is not the case with majority of the people in South India…thats why they are not even holding 2nd spot in any of the 4 south indian states (in terms of customer base)…..

First ask BSNL to stop cheating their customers (as we see in dis Evdo case)and then come here and accuse TT..

Madhan Kumar
September 18, 2015 1:54 pm 1:54 PM

@Joseph:Wat abt u being a FraudTel’s Blind Fold Fan ah?

September 17, 2015 7:21 pm 7:21 PM

Are you sure Bsnl and Mtnl will merge in December 2015 ?

Madhan Kumar
September 18, 2015 12:24 am 12:24 AM

@Mohit:It’s not official as Esmail said below,just do a simple Google Search with Bsnl as key word, under news search results u could see one site has posted abt Bsnl-Mtnl merging on Dec 2015,as Esmail pointed it out,they might hav made an article based on the inside news!