BSNL revises Data STV bundled with Mobile TV offering

BSNL currently offers mobile TV services in association with Digivive through the NexG TV app. For this offering BSNL has a revenue sharing tie up with Digivive, whereby a mobile TV specific data STV offered by BSNL has the operator’s own share along with a share of the Mobile TV content provider.


Initially a Rs.211 data STV would have Rs.136 share of BSNL for which the operator would give 1GB of data which could be used to view all the channels on NexG TV for a subscription of 15 days. This STV has been withdrawn by BSNL.

Vendor Sr. No.  


Price of Prepaid bundled Data STV  (in Rs.) BSNL  Share

(in Rs.)

Vendor’s Share (in Rs.) Freebies offered (free data download + No. of Free channels), validity in days validity of freebies in days from the date of activation
M/s Digivive Services Pvt. Ltd. 1. Existing –


211 136 75 Free data download 1  GB, No. of Free TV Channels =All  Channels provided by M/s Digivive Services Pvt. Ltd. 15
2. New Data


179 151 28 Free data download 1 GB, No. of Free TV Channels =All Channels provided  by   M/s   Digivive Services Pvt. Ltd. 22
3. Existing – No change 103 78 25 Free data download 450 MB, No. of Free TV Channels=140+ Channels provided by  M/s Digivive Services Pvt. Ltd. 12

Instead of the withdrawn STV, BSNL has introduced a new data STV of Rs.179 1GB of data for watching all channels for a duration of 22 days. Also the existing data STV of Rs.103 which has  450MB for viewing over 140 channels remains unchanged.

How many of our readers who are BSNL subscribers actually subscribe to such mobile TV offerings by the operator? Let us know your views and experiences through your comments below.

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Sathish Kumar
September 28, 2015 8:46 am 8:46 AM


Don’t get confused, Free data is different, free mobile TV is different….

After subscribe above combo pack, you can watch TV channels without using given free data….

If you watch above TV channels, BSNL will not debit in your data balance or main account…

Except above mentioned TV channels, all your browsing and downloading charges will be debited in given data balance or main account…

September 27, 2015 6:36 pm 6:36 PM

The ugly,greedy and corrupt bureaucrats and their corporate heads are in control BSNL,DD Free Dish,Doordarshan,AIR and other so called public institutions and will do as the greedy govt and corporates want.

September 25, 2015 3:30 pm 3:30 PM

BSNL is being controlled by Corporates now. BSNL will announce only stupid plans, to frustrate the existing subscribers, so that the private Mobile Service providers can grab more subscibers from the few existing BSNL subscribers.