BSNL Reduces Grace Period for Balance Lapse to 7 Days Down from Previous 15 Days

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The state-led telecom operator, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has been making many consumer-centric moves since the past few months to ignite consumer interest in its plans. The state-led telco has started offering content freebies with its plans, amongst other additional benefits to its subscribers. However, even BSNL is cash strapped, and the telco wants to up its revenue, but the only struggle is the lack of subscribers willing to pay. It wouldn’t be hard-pressed to find a BSNL subscriber who is letting their SIM remain dormant without any recharge plan. To counter this phenomenon and to drive a little revenue towards the company, BSNL has made a new move of reducing the grace period allowed to subscribers.

BSNL Reduces Grace Period

Previously, if the validity of the card expired for BSNL subscribers, they had a grace period of 15 days to recharge their number again so that they could retain the previous unutilised balance in their account. This meant that the balance which was remaining from their last recharge was still at their disposal if they recharged their number within the grace period of 15 days. Therefore, the subscribers had half a month of buffer to save their benefits.

However, as per a new SMS which has been sent to BSNL subscribers, the customers have been informed that this grace period has been reduced to 7 days. This move means that now BSNL subscribers, after the termination of their recharge validity will have to top-up their number again within 7 days to utilise the previous leftover balance. In case the subscribers do not recharge within this time, the balance will lapse. Similarly, BSNL has a grace period of 60 days, wherein if the customer doesn’t recharge, then the prepaid connection of the customer will be considered as lapsed.

BSNL Free Broadband Trial Plan

As part of its other consumer-centric moves on the other front, BSNL has recently introduced one of its popular broadband offers for its existing customers. To recall, BSNL had introduced this offer previously, but it was for a limited time. Now, this time around BSNL has given this offer a whirl again. As part of this broadband trial offering for existing landline subscribers of BSNL, the customers will get 5GB free data per day. The existing landline subscribers of BSNL who have no internet connection will be able to get a broadband connection for free without any installation cost or security deposit in any circle.

The broadband plan will be valid for a month, i.e. until July 31, 2019. In this period, the plan will offer 10 Mbps till 5GB data per day, and after that, the customers will get 1 Mbps post-FUP speed. It is worth noting that this offer is valid in all BSNL circles, apart from Andaman and Nicobar.

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