BSNL FTTH Plans Detailed: Up to 100 Mbps Speeds, 170GB Daily Data, Amazon Prime Subscription and More

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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), the state-led telecom operator is one of the largest wired broadband service provider in India right now and even while being in a grim situation and under widening losses, the telco is going strong in this segment. We also recently saw BSNL remove the daily data cap on two of its most popular Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) plans. In addition to that, these plans come with many offers and discounts as well which makes them more attractive for the users. With these broadband plans, BSNL is providing up to 100 Mbps speeds, 170GB of daily data and also free Amazon Prime subscription. For your ease, we have decided to compile a list of all the Bharat Fibre FTTH plans which BSNL is currently offering right now.


The 500GB plan by BSNL is the first plan in the long series of Bharat Fibre FTTH plans. This plan offers 500GB data for an entire month at 50 Mbps speed, and then the speed is throttled down to 2 Mbps post the FUP-exhaustion. The monthly rental of this plan is Rs 777. There is also the annual payment option on this plan for Rs 7,770.


Just like the previous plan and as the name suggests, the 750GB Plan by BSNL offers 750GB data to the subscribers in the entire month with a 100 Mbps speed and a 2 Mbps speed post-FUP exhaustion. The monthly rental of this plan is Rs 1,277, and the annual payment option is available for Rs 12,770.


The 40GB Plan and all the rest of the plans above this plan, offer daily data limit and as the name points, the plan provides 40GB daily data to the subscribers at 100 Mbps speed and 2 Mbps post-FUP speed. The rental of this plan is Rs 2,499, and the annual payment option in this plan will be available as per the ongoing cashback offer.


The 50GB FTTH plan by BSNL offers 50GB of data per day at 100 Mbps speed and a post-FUP speed of 4 Mbps. The monthly rental of this plan is Rs 3,999, and the annual payment option for this plan is available at Rs 39,990. The plan offers 100 Mbps speed till 50GB data usage per day, and then the speed throttles down to 4 Mbps. Another thing to note is that in addition to being unavailable in A&N (Andaman & Nicobar) circle, this plan and the next 80GB plan are unavailable in Maharashtra circle too.


The 80GB Plan offers 80GB of data access to the users with 100 Mbps speed, after that the speed declines to 6 Mbps. The monthly rental of this plan is Rs 5,999 with the annual payment option available for Rs 59,990.


The 120GB Plan in the list of Bharat Fibre FTTH plans offer 120GB data per day at 100 Mbps speed and then the speed shifts down to 8 Mbps. The rental of this plan is a whopping Rs 9,999 per month with the annual plan being priced at Rs 99,990. What’s worth noting is that the plan is unavailable in Gujarat and Maharashtra circle, apart from being barred from A&N.


The 170GB Plan is the most highly priced plan in this list. As you’d expect, this plan offers 170GB data per day at 100 Mbps and a post-FUP speed of 10 Mbps. The plan is priced at Rs 16999 per month, and the annual subscription fee is Rs 1,69,990. However, this plan is available in all BSNL circles except A&N, Gujarat, Maharashtra & MP.

Also, all the FTTH plans mentioned above come with free Amazon Prime subscription for one year worth Rs 999.

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