BSNL Broadband Plans Under Rs 5,000 Offering 100 Mbps Speeds

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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is one of the oldest broadband internet service providers of the country. The telco has upgraded from the traditional DSL to fiber technology and offers a ton of plans to its users in almost every telecom circle of India. BSNL provides a great range of flexibility to the users in picking plans. There are monthly plans, six months plans, yearly plans, two-year plans and even three-year plans. Today we are going to focus on all the BSNL broadband plans under Rs 5,000 offering 100 Mbps speed.

BSNL Rs 1,277 Broadband Plan

The cheapest fibre broadband plan from BSNL offering 100 Mbps is the Rs 1,277 plan. It offers customers 750GB data at 100 Mbps speed after which the speed reduces to 2 Mbps. There is unlimited calling to any network in India included as well. Users are not capped by any daily data limit but only the monthly data limit which is 750GB.

BSNL Rs 1,999 Broadband Plan

This is the second cheapest BSNL broadband plan offering 100 Mbps speed. It is an interesting plan since there is no data cap on monthly usage but on daily usage. That’s right, the user gets 100 Mbps speed on the first 33GB data daily. After the 33GB is exhausted for the day, the user can continue browsing the internet at 4 Mbps speed. Like every other plan, this one also comes with unlimited calling to any network in India. Essentially, in a 31 day month, the maximum data a user can enjoy at 100 Mbps speed is 1,023GB which is still more than the Rs 1,277 broadband plan which offers 750GB total monthly data.

BSNL Rs 2,499 Broadband Plan

The Rs 2,499 broadband plan from BSNL is not much different from the Rs 1,999 BSNL broadband plan. This plan comes with unlimited calling to any network within India as well. As for internet, it offers 100 Mbps speed on the first 40GB data in a day. After the FUP limit is reached, the user can continue browsing at 4 Mbps speed. Compared to the Rs 1,999 plan, this one offers 7GB data extra for Rs 500 more in a day while keeping other things the same.

BSNL Rs 4,499 Broadband Plan

This is the last fiber broadband plan from BSNL under Rs 5,000 which offers users 100 Mbps speed. It is a big jump from Rs 2,499 to Rs 4,499, which is an extra Rs 2,000. This plan offers 55GB data in a day at 100 Mbps which will be reduced to 4 Mbps after exhaustion. There is unlimited calling to any network within India included as well. This plan is perfect for people who need more than 50GB data at high-speed every day.

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