Broadband War: Hathway Customers Can Now Opt the Unlimited Data 125 Mbps Plan for Rs 549

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Hathway Broadband is one of the prominent wired Internet Service Providers in the country with presence across several major cities including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and so on. Hathway is providing some of the best broadband plans in the industry and the best plan from the company right now is the 300 Mbps plan in Chennai city. Hathway seems to be upping the ante this year as it wants to take on the competition in a better way. Hathway Broadband is now providing an unlimited FUP broadband plan with 125 Mbps speeds at just Rs 549 per month. However, do make a note that the price of the plan is exclusive of taxes and this plan is available in Hyderabad city at the moment. Having said that, the company is also running a Lifelong Binge offer under which a customer can get a lifetime 50 Mbps broadband plan at just Rs 349 per month.

Hathway Broadband Plans in Hyderabad

In the city of Hyderabad, Hathway offers six broadband plans to its customers, and all of them come with no FUP whatsoever. The cheapest plan starts with the Hero plan offering 50 Mbps speed and is available for Rs 349 under the Value subscription plan. There are also Gold and Blast options available which come for Rs 399 and Rs 499 monthly rental. Similarly, there are other plans like Super which offer 25 Mbps speed and come with a monthly rental of Rs 349 and Rs 399 in different tiers. The Lightning plan offers 75 Mbps speed with a monthly rental of Rs 349, Rs 399 and Rs 449 under different tiers. The 80 Mbps Rapid plan comes for Rs 349, Rs Rs 399 and Rs 499 respectively.

100 Mbps and 125 Mbps Plans in Hyderabad

Finally, there are also the Freedom and Thunder plans in the Hathway Broadband portfolio which offer 100 Mbps and 125 Mbps speed respectively. The first plan out of the two is available for Rs 499, Rs 549 and Rs 599 for the three tiers, whereas the Thunder plan with the highest 125 Mbps speed is available for Rs 549, Rs 599, and Rs 649 for the three tiers. It is worth noting that for all the above plans, Hathway also offers six monthly and annual subscription plans as well.

Hathway Broadband Plans in Kolkata

It is worth noting that Hyderabad is one of the regions, where Hathway is offering broadband plans without any FUP. In other regions like Kolkata, the broadband service provider ships plans with monthly FUP and no monthly FUP rental options. The only plan in the Kolkata region with no FUP is the Freedom 25 plan with 25 Mbps speed. In Kolkata region, Hathway also provides 200 Mbps Turbo 200 plan which is available with 1000GB FUP data and an after FUP speed of 5 Mbps. The plan’s monthly rental is Rs 5,997 for 3 months, Rs 11,994 for 6 months and Rs 23,988 for a year. In Kolkata, Hathway also provides the HD Stream 150 plan with 150 Mbps speed and the Value 100 plan with 100 Mbps speed.

Competition Intensifies in Broadband Segment as Jio GigaFiber Commerical Launch Nearing

The competition in the broadband sector is getting better with every passing day and the reason behind that is the launch of Reliance Jio GigaFiber. Almost all the ISPs in the country are now providing unlimited broadband plans and there are some big names in the list such as Airtel V-Fiber, Tata Sky Broadband, You Broadband, Spectra and so on. ACT Fibernet is the only broadband operator yet to introduce an unlimited FUP plan, but it also has some of the best broadband plans under its belt right now. On top of that, ISPs are partnering with content providers like Netflix, VOOT, ALT Balaji and so on to provide free subscriptions to the customers. Hathway is just a broadband operator for now, and in some cities, the company is bundling free Hathway Play Box Android TV Box to the customers with its long-term plans as we reported recently.

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