BlackBerry’s first Android-based smartphone rumored to be named as ‘Prague’

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There have been many rumors based on BlackBerry coming up with an Android-powered device, with the codename ‘Venice’. The reports even suggested its arrival in November, but as per the latest developments, a new report is of a different view, the report states that ‘Venice’ might not be running Android.

blackberryz3_unboxing-launchInterestingly, this does not totals down to BlackBerry not coming up with an Android based smartphone after all. The report says that the company will be launching an Android-powered handset and it will be known as ‘Prague’. The device would cater to the economical section of the smartphone users. It will be low-end touchscreen device, with an outlook like the BlackBerry Z3 (you can see it in the image above). As per the report, BlackBerry Prague would be launched sometime in August this year.

All being said, it is yet another ‘rumor’ and BlackBerry has not confirmed any of the information. However, it would definitely be interesting to see if the company does comes up with such device.


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