Airtel Broadband Standby Plans: 10 Mbps Unlimited Broadband Plans Detailed

Airtel Broadband Standby Plans are a great option for those who need a basic broadband connection with unlimited data at a lower price. The plans offers 10 Mbps speeds, unlimited data, a free Wi-Fi router, and unlimited calling for 5 months.


  • Airtel has two new broadband plans named Broadband Standby Plans with 10 Mbps speeds and Unlimited Data.
  • The plans include Airtel Broadband Standby Plan Rs 199 and Airtel Broadband Standby Plan Rs 399.
  • Airtel Broadband Standby Plans offer customers Unlimited Data at 10 Mbps speed and unlimited calling with a free Wi-Fi Router.

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Airtel Broadband Standby Plans
Airtel Broadband Standby Plans are a great option for users looking to step into the world of the internet for the first time or have a backup broadband or internet connection at an affordable price. Airtel Broadband Standby Plans come in two plan variants, and users can enjoy unlimited data with 10 Mbps speeds. Let's delve into the benefits of Airtel Broadband Standby Plans in the story ahead.

Airtel Broadband Standby Plan Rs 199

Airtel Broadband Standby plan Rs 199 offers customers unlimited data at 10 Mbps speeds. This entry-level 10 Mbps plan can be opted for a duration of 5 months and comes with a free Wi-Fi router at a total price of Rs 1,674, inclusive of Rs 500 one-time installation charges and GST.

Airtel Broadband Standby Plan Rs 399

Airtel broadband standby plan Rs 399 provides unlimited data at 10 Mbps speeds and comes bundled with a free Wi-Fi router, Xstream box, and over 350+ TV channels. The total price, including one-time installation charges of Rs 500 and GST, is Rs 3,000 for a period of 5 months.

Airtel Xstream Fiber users on both the Broadband Standby Plans can also enjoy unlimited calling and upgrade their plan speeds at any time to any of the Airtel Xstream Fiber plans.

Airtel Xstream Fiber Entry-Level Plan

Airtel's entry-level Airtel Xstream Fiber plan (Basic) offering starts at Rs 499 and offers Unlimited Internet at 40 Mbps, Unlimited Local and STD calls using Landline and includes Airtel Thanks Benefits. In addition, Airtel customers can enjoy 1 Year of Xstream premium, Wynk and much more with Airtel Xstream Fiber plans. Airtel also offers a free Wi-Fi router included with the plans.

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Airtel Broadband Standby Plans can be a good option if you are someone looking for alternatives to wireless internet or a reliable standby broadband plan at a very affordable price. Not only are Airtel Broadband Standby Plans affordable, but they also come with unlimited data and perks as discussed above.

In a recent development, Airtel has announced that their broadband services are now available in 1225 cities, up from 983 last year, with further expansion plans to additional locations.

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