Tata Sky, Airtel and ACT Fibernet Best 100 Mbps Broadband Plans for Your High-Speed Internet Needs

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The broadband segment in India is rifling with new plans, offers and services from various broadband service providers. The telecom operators and the internet service providers are vying for more and more subscriber in the run-up to the launch of Reliance Jio GigaFiber. There is a high chance that a lot of subscribers are already switching their broadband subscriptions seeing the new attractive offers and speeds. Latter is one of the major factors behind any broadband connection these days and consumers are opting more and more for plans which offer 100 Mbps speed and more. Some of the top broadband service providers like Airtel broadband, ACT Fibernet and Tata Sky are offering 100 Mbps plans to their consumers. In case you want to get a 100 Mbps plan for your home, then here are some options you must consider.

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Airtel Broadband 100 Mbps Plans

Airtel starts offering 100 Mbps plans at the price of Rs 1,099. Coincidentally, this is also the range above which Airtel offers its Airtel Thanks benefits. The plan below this range comes for Rs 799, and it does not ship with any additional benefit and only offers 40 Mbps speed. Whereas, the higher-priced plan by Airtel offers 100 Mbps speed 300GB data combined with 500GB extra data for six months and Airtel Thanks benefit including Netflix for three months, Amazon Prime subscription for a year and Airtel TV and ZEE5 premium subscription.

The Rs 1,599 plan by Airtel offers triple-speed than the previous plan, as in the plan bundles 300 Mbps speed with 600GB data with 1000GB bonus data valid for six months. There is also the data rollover feature applicable on both the 100 Mbps and 300 Mbps plans. This plan also ships with Airtel Thanks benefit. Lastly, there is the Rs 1,999 plan by Airtel which offers unlimited data to the subscribers, and this one also comes with Airtel Thanks benefit.

Tata Sky Broadband 100 Mbps Plans

When it comes to Tata Sky, the service provider has limited options related to high-speed plans like 100 Mbps. In the Bangalore region, the operator is offering only one unlimited 100 Mbps plan for Rs 2,400, which is expensive as compared to Airtel. In the same circle, Tata Sky does not have a fixed GB 100 Mbps broadband plan. However, in Delhi, Tata Sky is offering the 100 Mbps unlimited data plan for Rs 1,599 a month, but it does not come with any additional benefit. In case you are in this region and want to get a high-speed unlimited data connection, Tata Sky could be your bet if the Airtel Thanks benefit is something you can look over.

ACT Fibernet 100 Mbps Plans

ACT Fibernet has the most options when it comes to high-speed plans as the service provider is one of the top broadband companies in India. There is the ACT Storm plan offering 100 Mbps speed, 400GB data, 1500GB bonus data available for Rs 1,159, ACT Lightning plan offering 125 Mbps speed, 550GB data, 1500GB bonus data available for Rs 1,399, ACT Incredible plan offering 150 Mbps speed, 875 GB data, 1500 GB bonus data available for Rs 1,999.

Further on, the ACT Essential plan with 150 Mbps, 1200GB data and 1500GB bonus data is available for Rs 2,999. More plans with the same speed and 1650GB data and 2200GB data are available for Rs 3,999 and Rs 4,999 per month respectively. Lastly, there is also the 1 Gbps plan with 2500GB data, which is priced at Rs 5,999.

Which One to Choose from the Above?

Summarising, if you are aiming for a simple unlimited data plan with 100 Mbps speed, then Tata Sky would be the most economical option given that it is available in your region and it priced competitively since Tata Sky has different pricing for different regions. In case the benefits like Netflix and Amazon Prime interest you, then Airtel’s Rs 1,999 plan would be the best choice to go with. Alternatively, if you can make do with 100 Mbps plan and limited data, then nothing would beat ACT Fibernet’s Rs 1,259 plan.

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