Being GREEN, Is In! Are you doing your part?

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Being GREEN, Is In! Are you doing your part?With so much awareness about environmental issues happening in our background and whatever we do does not seem to be enough, but then we continue with our contributions for the same.

So does Bharti Airtel, besides their silent campaigns and efforts towards environmental concerns and issues, this is an initiative taken up by Airtel. But this time around its with the support and contribution of its customers. And has it worked?

Well Airtel has started paperless billing for its customers for quite some time now, and Bharti Airtel has a substantial share of the customers opting for the paperless billing.

Bharti Airtel Gujarat circle customers registering for e-bill has gone up from 5% last year to 30% in the current year. Bharti Airtel through many attractive initiatives has been constantly encouraging more paper bill customers to opt for e-billing and e-transactions.

This green initiative was designed to promote mobile phone usage as an efficient tool to generate e-Bills, e-Payments and e-Transactions, thereby saving tonnes of paper as well as save time and reduce fuel consumption.

To popularise the paperless billing among Airtel customers every time a customer dialling to Airtel customer care centre the executive of the customer care centre will brief the customer to opt for the paperless billing. Additionally, Airtel customers who opt for e-bill would receive an itemised bill absolutely free of cost.

Apart from the paperless billing, Bharti Airtel is promoting the e-payments and e-transactions initiative through the service called “Pay from Home”. Under this service customers can opt for any of the following 5 modes to make payments


* mChek

* Selfcare – Airtel Website

* Netbanking

* Standing instructions

Airtel customers enjoy the following benefits for opting paperless billing / pay from home initiative

* Avoid the long waiting queue’s at showrooms

* Avoid SMS/calls related to overdue & late fee

* Avoid restriction of service

* SMS Intimation from date of debit along with payment confirmation on registration for SI/ECS

* Clean account history on payments

* SMS intimation for Payment confirmation

Mr Shivan Bhargava, COO- Bharti Airtel, Gujarat Circle said, “Paperless billing seems to be catching on as consumers become more aware of the convenience and environmental benefits of e-billing. The aim behind this green initiative is to talk about environment, save paper and conserve nature. Apart from being environment friendly, e-bills are transmitted in a much secured format, where a user receives intimation on his / her specified email address as well as a SMS on his / her mobile phone with a password which will help the user to view and pay the e-bill. ”

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