Battlegrounds Mobile India Will Feature ‘Erangle’ Map

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Battlegrounds Mobile India

Krafton has been releasing teasers after teasers of the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BIM) on its website and official Facebook page. Looking at the recent poster shared by Krafton, it is evident that the Battlegrounds Mobile India will retain the ‘Erangel’ map from the PUBG Mobile. But the poster reveals that the name of the map will come with a slight variation.

As per the poster, the name of the map will be ‘Erangle’ and not ‘Erangel’. This might be to save the game from getting direct ties with the PUBG Mobile, which got banned in the country last year.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Erangle Map

The Erangle map is expected to retain almost everything that the Erangel map of the PUBG Mobile had. However, the in-game events and the basic layout of the map might have slight tweaks, nothing major though.

This will help Battlegrounds Mobile India keep the fans of PUBG Mobile happy since Erangel was the most played map of the game. In terms of maps offered, the Battlegrounds Mobile India is further expected to feature the Sanhok and Miramar maps. The names of these maps might change, but nature and the overall layout could be very similar.

There’s no solid information on when the game will launch. But since the pre-registrations have already started for the Android users, it is expected that it will soon make it to India. A few days back, the company confirmed via its website that it is still discussing the possible launch date of the game.

There is one thing, however, that might be bugging the fans of PUBG Mobile in India. That is the possible chance of the game getting banned in India. Some politicians and prominent figures of the country have expressed their unhappiness with the game’s launch in India. People are still tying the game with China and saying that it is just a trick to divert the minds of the youth.

However, Krafton has ensured that the game has complete independence from any Chinese ties and has assured that all the data that’s collected by the game will be handled with care and in accordance with the policies set by the Indian government.

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