Asianet Offering Ultra-Speed 200 Mbps Broadband Plans Starting at Rs 999 per Month

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There are many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) across the states of India which are operating on a large scale. Some of these ISPs are spread across the entire state and boast of an impressive number of subscribers in the region of their operation. Similarly, Asianet is a big name in the state of Kerala where the service provider boasts of a massive subscriber base. Here the ISP is also providing internet plans along with other services to its customers. Currently, as all the other broadband service providers are bettering their broadband plans and making them more attractive, Asianet is doing the same for its subscribers. Here are all the details about Asianet Broadband and the plans that it is shipping for its customers right now.

Entry Level Broadband Plans

Asianet offers its broadband plans in three types or subscription forms. The first is the entry level plans, plans with unlimited data, and then there are ultra-speed plans. Firstly, the entry-level plans from Asianet start at Rs 1,499, which is the first plan in the portfolio, and it comes with 60 days validity offering up to 200 Mbps speed. This plan bundles 500GB data in total, translating to 250GB data in a month. The post-FUP speed of the plan is 2 Mbps.

Similarly, there are two other entry-level plans of Rs 1,999 and Rs 2,499 which come with 90 days and 150 days validity respectively. Both of these plans ship 1000GB data, meaning that the first plan gets 334GB monthly and the second plan gets 200GB monthly. The speed is 200 Mbps in these plans, with the post-FUP speed being 2 Mbps only.

Unlimited Broadband Plans

The second type of plans in the Asianet portfolio is the Unlimited broadband plans, and these come with 100 Mbps speed. The first plan under this banner is the Rs 699 plan offering 100GB monthly usage limit with a post-FUP speed of 2 Mbps and truly unlimited data. There is also a Rs 725 plan offering 400GB monthly usage limit again with the same 4 Mbps post-FUP speed and truly unlimited data.

Ultra-Speed Broadband Plans

Lastly, for the subscribers who would like to experience ultra-high speeds, Asianet has other options which include the four ultra-speed broadband plans. The first plan under this tag is the Rs 999 plan, which offers 200 Mbps speed, and it offers 600GB data per month. The post-FUP speed on all the ultra-speed plans is 4 Mbps, after which users get truly unlimited data. After that, there are the Rs 1,299, Rs 1,499 and Rs 1,999 ultra-speed plans which offer 800GB, 1000GB, and 2000GB data respectively. Asianet has also noted that the 200 Mbps plans would be available in selected networks only and they would be available as part of Giga Fiber Networks.

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