Apple offers Rs 8,000 discount under buyback offer for iPhone 5C 8GB

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Apple's marketing department needs to come up with something new in order to gain our attention (in a positive manner) rather than coming up with offers that are sugar-coated to fool the customers. Apple had recently launched the iPhone 5C 8GB in India for Rs 37,500 and offered a cash discount of Rs 3,000 right away in order to bring down the effective price to Rs 33,500.

iPhone 5C
iPhone 5C

We wonder what is stopping Apple in launching it for Rs 34,500 in the first place. Now, Apple has started offering buyback offer for the iPhone 5C (8GB). You can exchange your old smartphone for an iPhone and get a discount of Rs 8,000, which according to Apple, brings down the price to Rs 29,500.

The iPhone 5C 8GB can be bought through online and offline stores for roughly Rs 31,000 these days. So if you own a smartphone, we are pretty sure you can sell it for more than Rs 1,500 in the used phone market. You'd end up losing money if you opt in for the buyback option that Apple is offering. We suggest that you should sell your existing smartphone in the market and then buy the iPhone 5C through other channels.

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