Apple to Release New Photography App Fuzion: Report

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A new photography app for iOS called "Fuzion" that would use the "TrueDepth" camera data from new iPhones and create images by blending multiple images with portrait mode shots is expected to reach iOS users this week. "Fuzion' is a photo editor that lets you take your portraits and selfies to the next level. Blend multiple images and create stunning double exposures with ease," the "Fuzion" team wrote in a post on Monday.


The feature would work on the new iPhones -- iPhone 8 Plus, X, XR, and XS. The app comes with features to capture portrait photos with automatic silhouette detection, choices from a variety of backgrounds by top photographers to blend with the portrait and options to add dust overlays, light leaks and colour filters.

"The app utilises the powerful "TrueDepth" and dual cameras of new iPhones to automatically detect a person's silhouette and cut them out of the background," the post added. The editing app was released to a group of beta testers in December, 9To5Mac reported.

In other news, Apple is expected to revamp its pricing strategy very soon as the iPhone sales are slumping in the country. The company is also expected to drop the prices of iPhones in India because they're priced so high in the last couple of years.


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