Leaked Press Render of Apple iPhone SE (2018) Shows the Display Notch

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Apple released the first generation iPhone SE back in March 2016, however, since then, the company has been silent about its successor. Two years passed, still there's no word from the Cupertino-based company, but according to rumours on the internet, the Apple iPhone SE (2018) or iPhone SE 2, whatever we call it, for now, will be released at the WWDC 2018 Developer Conference next month. A press render of screen protector today revealed the upcoming compact smartphone in its full glory. As you can see in the image, the iPhone SE (2018) will have the display notch on top, same as its bigger sibling Apple iPhone X. However, the all-screen design without any chin makes up for an even more compact form factor for the smartphone.


Earlier rumours suggested that the iPhone SE (2018) will share similar dimensions as the original iPhone SE, but a new report from UK-based publication mobilefun claims that the second generation iPhone SE will be smaller than the first one, thanks to the notch design and all-screen display.

Having said that, the Apple iPhone SE (2018) will share quite some similarities with the bigger iPhone X. The first one, of course, is the removal of Touch ID and the implementation of Face ID. Yes, the iPhone SE 2 will lack the Touch ID and comes with the infamous Face ID functionality with all the hardware. And the second one is the glass back, which means that Apple will be adding wireless charging support too.

Besides this, the device is rumoured to pack the Apple A10 Fusion chipset which was first used on the Apple iPhone 7 devices. The Apple iPhone SE (2018) will have a single rear camera sensor, and the hardware could be of the iPhone 7. It's said to pack 2GB of RAM and might come in a 256GB of internal storage variant.

As of now, we don't have the pricing information of the device, but surely, it won't be cheaper because of the Face ID and wireless charging. Also, Apple may not market the device as a cheaper iPhone, instead it might call the upcoming smartphone as a compact iPhone.

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