Apple iPhone 13 Might Feature Fast-Charging

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Apple iPhone 13

While the iPhone 12 was one of the biggest redesigns for iPhones in the last few years, iPhone 13 will come with some of the most-awaited and first seen features for iPhones. Things such as a high-refresh-rate display and more are expected to make their way on the iPhone 13 series smartphones. One area where Apple really needs to make strides to compete with Android smartphones is the battery segment. It is not just the battery life that I am talking about, but also the charging speed. Android smartphones have already broken limits and now offer 120W, 100W, 65W fast-charging support. But with Apple, users are still stuck with up to 20W fast-charging. However, this might change with the Apple iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 Might Feature 25W Fast-Charging

A ton of rumours have surfaced related to the iPhone 13 series that is due to launch later this year. Now, as per one of the reports from MyDrivers, it is expected that the iPhone 13 series might feature fast-charging support of up to 25W. While this is still not very fast compared with today’s standards, it is the fastest charging experience that Apple users have ever seen.

For comparison, the iPhone 12 series currently only offers up to 20W fast-charging only. Thus, the users not only get smaller battery life than Android smartphones but also have to wait longer for their iPhones to completely charge.

The iPhone 13 series devices are also expected to feature a smaller notch and come with a much better camera than the iPhone 12 series. Further, the smartphone might launch in two new colours, namely the Rose Gold and the Sunset Gold. Apple has already played with the Rose gold colour quite a few times with its products before. But with the iPhone 13, I expect that the Rose Gold colour will be a refreshing thing to see.

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