Apple Backtracks On Unlocking Airtel iPhone In India

Apple Backtracks On Unlocking Airtel iPhone In IndiaApple has turned back its idea of unlocking Airtel 3G iPhone for Indian users few months back Apple’s global support site was quoting Bharti Airtel has been authorized to legally unlock the handset but things have gone so far that the global support page tells a different story today.

It all started with a tick mark which was listed next to Airtel under “Carrier offers authorized unlocking”  in an article HT1937 which is used to find links to wireless carrier support and basic information about the services currently supported by Apple iPhone.

But the latest modified version of article HT1937 denotes Airtel will be selling locked version of iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS in India.

The snap shot from Apple support page

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Britt Vanpatton
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July 1, 2010 10:45 am 10:45 AM

Sharath :
Hi, after unlocking iPhone legally (after 13 months), does it get locked again if we try to upgrade OS through an other service provider?
Can we do whatever we did with an Airtel-locked iPhone?

na na…. u will not get any problem if u upgrade,. infact i think upgrading a jailbreaked one also will not mess up