Android 11 Beta Now Available for Pixel Smartphones: Features and Installation Procedure

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It has been long since Android 10 made its way to the market. Android users are waiting for something new to bring a fresh touch to their user experience. Google has now released the official Android 11 beta update for public. It is not an OTA update for any device. If you want to learn how to download Android 11 Beta, keep reading ahead. The new Android update brings enhancements to the already existing features of Android 10. You will get features such as better device control, do not disturb, media controls, priority conversations and more.

What’s New in Android 11 Beta

There are many existing features enhanced with the Android 11 beta. For multitasking, your conversations will change into bubbles, much like what Facebook Messenger allows its users to do. The Android 11 is coming with an on-device visual cortex. Also for users who use their device mostly with voice commands, you will get a smoother experience giving voice commands now. Device control has been also enhanced for users. You will be able to control your device better and do things much faster and easier.

Then there is the media control for making it more convenient for users when they are watching or listening to something on their device. Also, the permission provided to apps is going to be one-time permission. Meaning the next time you access the app, the app might again request for your permission which is something many users would want going forward. All the permissions will also auto-reset for an app if a user hasn’t used it for a very time.

How to Download Android 11 Beta and Eligible Devices

For downloading the update, you will need to go to the website of Android 11 Beta. As always, the update is only enrolled for Google Pixel devices first. Devices which are eligible for getting the update are — Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 4. Users with other Android devices will also get the update in the coming days.

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