TelecomTalk Analysis : Speed Cap on 2G Network

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Speed Cap on 2G NetworkIn August, We shared a story on 'Operators Cap Speed' and asked the readers to share the screenshots we got good number of response from the readers like to thank all for sharing the same.

In TT labs back in Kolkata we decided to do some R&D on this and have come up with this analysis for 2G data plans.

Speed capping can cause a big blow to the users who rely on GPRS packs to access internet for various reasons.These packs come at an affordable price, and 2G network is present on most places.

All tests are done with Huawei E1550 USB Data card, and a small piece of software called MDMA. Most screenshots are taken in and out of Kolkata.

This graph does not include MTNL, S Tel, Loop Telecom and Videocon as none of it is commercially available in Kolkata.

Check out the details below: (** in kbit/s)

What we found in our Analysis:

1. Airtel does not cap the speed for users as EDGE offers maximum 238 kbps and Airtel have the cap at 472 kbit/s as tested with 2G data plan & PAYG plan on 2G. You cannot hook to Airtel 3G unless you activate 3G.

2. I got 2 screenshots from BSNL. BSNL shows 240/64 kbit/s cap with 3G activated SIM & network selected ‘2G only’. But with 2G plan speed goes just 128/128 kbit/s cap, as seen in BSNL 2.

3. Uninor offers good and stable link and does cap the speed at 256 kbit/s and I generally get more than 25kBps download speed on IDM. Once Uninor capped the speed at 40 kbit/s which was rectified after some email conversations.

4. Reliance is pathetic, as it caps the speed at just 64 kbit/s for users using 2G packs. If you are using 3G, you will get 472/472 kbit/s cap on 2G network.

5. Tata Docomo caps the speed but it varies from SIM to SIM. My old Tata Docomo connection is capped at 128/128 kbit/s while Virgin Mobile shows 472/232 kbit/s, and new Tata Docomo connection shows 472/472 kbit/s.

Update on Tata Docomo SIm Speed Variation:- [It doesn’t vary from sim to sim, those customer using 3G handset before the 3G launch are capped to 128 Kps, and those who buy new sim and activate 3G will be configured to 21.1 MBps speed which will be only for the time being oe if customer activate the 2G pack then his speed will be reduced to 128Kbps only until he recharges with 3G sped up gradation to speed will not happen]

6. Idea gives 256/256 kbit/s cap on 3G & Netsetter users who are actually on Vodafone 3G network in Kolkata. This gives a perfect constant 32 kB/s download speed. But with 2G packs, speed cap is at 128/128 kbit/s.

7. Aircel and Vodafone do not cap the bandwidth for 2G users, but users can not hook to their 3G networks also, unless you activate 3G on your number.

Like to be a part of  Team -TT to test data capping across India? For that you should have a Huawei data card for reference read this post if you have any questions or doubts do mail us we would be more than happy to help you.

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