Dynamic Pricing on Wireless Data

Dynamic Pricing on Wireless DataWe are thirsty and hungry for more and more bandwidths for faster broadband. Broadband is still slow in India, defined as 512 kbps connection.

Wireless alternative 3G or EVDO is fast, but choked easily with many users & these are costly.Dynamic Pricing on wireless data is a concept came on my mind in last week.

I think it can be implemented easily as Uninor is offering dynamic pricing on voice calls – discount varies from 5% to 60%. Dynamic pricing will give you more value at same price point if you shift your use to least congested network.

It also offers better network utilization for operators. So it can offer a win-win position for bother customers and operators.

Main Concept for Dynamic Pricing on Wireless Data:

You can easily check the discount available at your current location using USSD or operators can pop it up on mobile screen like Uninor is doing.

Let’s discuss the pricing. I am giving an example with 2G data pack. Suppose STV95 gives you 4GB of data, but your balance will show not 4GB/4096MB data, instead it will show Rs 41943.04 as 4GB is converted into 10p/10kB tariff.

Now the the discount could be in the form of 5p/10kB, 2p/10kB, 1p/50kB depending upon your location near to congested to least congested BTS location.

After you disconnect from the internet, you will get a sms with your usage total and how much you are charged for it well after all it is just a concept. Operators can brush it up and make it more attractive.

As a TT reader whats your take on this do share your views on this.

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October 3, 2011 1:53 pm 1:53 PM

Great plan by tt. hope some operators come up with this….

October 3, 2011 1:19 pm 1:19 PM

Rohan Singh

hey rohan dont panic

some operators have not full coverage across india.

like stel videocon etc.

October 3, 2011 12:42 pm 12:42 PM
why 3g is more costly than 2g in same data plans:reason assume 2gb data plans of:2g and 3g: cost of these plans rs:98 and 500 all telecom operators got 2g license by plan first come first get. so all operators got 2g license in less price.so 2g is cheap. all telecom operators got 3g license by bids and win. so all operators got 3g license in 67,719 crore. all operators are recovering money from public. assume if the 3g license sold under the plan first come first get. u got 2gb 3g in rs 98. if the 2g license sold… Read more »