Amazon Alexa App Will Now Support Hindi on Both iOS and Android

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Amazon Alexa is a smart assistant which can make your life a bit easier. You can ask Alexa to do things such as play music, switch on the light or turn it off and much more. Even though Alexa supported devices were rolled out in India, the Amazon Alexa app didn’t support Hindi. Hindi is the native language of Indians and while not everyone knows English, a majority of the Indian population understands Hindi and can communicate in the language. Looking at that, on the first anniversary of rolling out Hindi support for Amazon Alexa (the smart assistant), now Amazon Alexa app has also been provided with Hindi support.

Amazon Alexa App Now Available in the Hindi Language

Amazon Alexa could understand Hindi words and sentences, but its app lacked the feature. But not anymore. Now Amazon Alexa app comes with Hindi language support. So users who want the comfort of the Hindi language in their devices, they can switch from English to Hindi.

Over the last year since the time Amazon Alexa could understand Hindi, around 60 new features have been added to the smart assistant. It has resulted in a significant improvement in understanding Hindi commands.

Puneesh Kumar, Head for Alexa India said, “India's unique cultural and linguistic diversity has always inspired us to make Alexa more local and relevant for users in the country. Introducing Hindi made Alexa accessible to hundreds of millions of native Hindi speakers. We have made several improvements in Natural Language Understanding.”

Words such as ‘Dhai’ (meaning two-and-half) and more which Alexa couldn’t understand earlier, it can understand now. With the updates, Amazon Alexa has been equipped with six new original songs along with 20 new stories in the Hindi language.

Customers can now give cool commands to the smart assistant in Hindi such as for playing music, they can say, “Alexa Kuch gungunao’. Support for more such Hindi commands has been added to the Amazon Alexa assistant with the help of updates.

Both Android and iOS users can switch their Amazon Alexa app to Hindi by simply going to the Settings > Alexa on this Phone > Language and then selecting Hindi.

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