Google Classroom Will Soon be Available in Multiple Indian Languages

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Almost every university and the schools have now adopted the online mode of teaching to their students. Google, one of the biggest tech companies in the world keeps working on new products and solutions to solve people’s everyday problem. To make online studying an easier process, Google launched Google Classroom. The basic aim of the app is to help students and teacher to communicate easily, submit assignments, and grade them. In a new update, Google has equipped the Google Classroom with multiple Indian languages now. This was confirmed by Google in a blog post. There are more features coming to the app that you should know about.

Google Classroom to Allow Monitoring of Up to 49 Students at a Time

One of the biggest challenges for a teacher while teaching is to ensure that the student is not distracted and understanding what he/she is trying to teach. But it becomes a little hard when the class is conducted through an online platform. But with the Google Classroom, it is possible for the teacher to monitor up to 49 students at a time. The larger tiled view with a grid of 7 x 7 will allow a total of 49 tiles in the screen. Along with that, the teacher can use the Jamboard inside Meet in case they want the students to share their ideas as well. Both the 7 x 7 tiles feature and Jamboard will be integrated with the app later in September.

Along with that, one of the major updates that have been introduced in the Google Classroom is the addition of multiple Indian languages. Bengali, Telugu, Urdu, Marathi, and Tamil have been added to the Google Classroom but the feature is not yet launched so the users will have to wait for a little more time to see the support of more languages.

One feature that most of the teachers have been waiting for to see in the Google Classroom is Student Engagement Metrics. It will help the teachers and institutions to track how much a student is interacting with the online class. Google will be bringing more features to the Classroom app to make it a better experience of learning and teaching online for students and teachers.

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