Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea Minimum Recharge Prepaid Plans: Why You Should Consider Recharging?

Last year, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea introduced minimum recharge plans in October 2018 replacing the talktime recharge plans and bringing a monthly recharge plan to keep services running and boosting ARPU

  • The minimum recharge plans of these telcos started at Rs 35 for 28 days
  • The primary number can be used as a calling or data alternate, for two factor authentication, OTPs and more

Last year in October, the telecom operators Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea made a very bold move of removing the talk time recharge plans from their portfolio. However, what replaced the talk time recharge plans in the prepaid portfolio of these subscribers was even more shocking. The subscribers were now asked to recharge their numbers with minimum recharge plans priced at Rs 35 and above once a month to keep their services going. The subscribers were told that if they failed to do so, firstly their outgoing service would stop and then incoming too. While this move was made by the telcos to improve their financial parameter of ARPU, the subscribers were now in a dilemma whether or recharge their number or not or simply leave it as it is. We are here to help you with the decision to choose why you should recharge your primary number.

Option to Use SIM as Backup and Other Safety Purposes

One of the most important arguments in favour of the minimum recharge plans and why you should keep your first number updated with a little recharge is that it has become part of many other organisations as well. Over the years, the subscribers use this number to receive OTP, updates, SMS and more and spread it among more and more people. While Reliance Jio came into the picture, the subscribers spread this new number by calling through it multiple times, thus putting out two numbers out there.

Now if you are not recharging your primary number, then it means that you might be missing out on important calls at times. Also, in a worst-case scenario, you might get locked out of your accounts with the OTP going to a number which you no longer own. Such a situation might easily get turned into a one with financial loss, in case your number lands in the hands of a fraudster. Another simple reason why subscribers should recharge their first number is that they would have an alternative option to their second number or Jio number and usually this is the number which is more widely spread with the contacts of the SIM holder.

For Two Factor Authentication

There is also the fact that most subscribers would require their primary number for two-factor authentication. The user mostly uses this number for banking, email and other services, so even though now your new contact for calling or general communication becomes your new number, this number would be on in case you need to receive OTPs, confirmation messages and more.

Lastly, there is the reason for an alternate network to use the primary SIM. It is entirely possible that in places you might not get Reliance Jio network or the reception that you are getting is not enough. In such a case, the other telecom operators which have a widespread 2G and 3G network in the country might come handy. This way, you can ensure that you are never out of the grid and you can always make calls or access data.

Arpit spends his day closely following the telecom and tech industry. A music connoisseur and a night owl, he also takes a deep interest in the Indian technology start-up scene and spends rest of his time spilling poetry and stories on paper.

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Aniruddha Dhar|Santragachi|West Bengal

Guys use the network which is very good at your place or where you remain mostly as your primary number to be used as a single sim. It reduces the tension, financial burden and inconvenience of maintaining two sims.


If either of them is not good enough then what to do?

Aniruddha Dhar|Santragachi|West Bengal

Then nothing can be done. Use pigeons.




Lol hilarious dude

Aniruddha Dhar|Santragachi|West Bengal

That’s why small cells are good. It takes electricity from the home owner. Getting a new commercial connection from electricity dept can be a lengthy process at times.

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