Exclusive: Bharti Airtel’s Upcoming Data Card Tariff Plans Will Offer 1GB Data Per Day for 30 Days at Rs. 499

India’s leading telecom operator Airtel yesterday announced that it would offer double data with almost all its broadband plans. And now, the company is looking to do the same with its data card plans. According to a source close to us, Airtel will roll out new data tariff plans for data card users starting at Rs. 499.

Airtel will announce three new plans in coming days- Rs. 499, Rs. 699, and Rs. 899. For the uninitiated, Airtel currently has these plans, and they offer 5GB data, 8GB, and 12GB respectively for one month. However, Airtel will now modify the plans and the same plans will additional data on a daily basis.

So, here’s how it works. The Rs. 499 will provide 5GB data up front. However, it will offer 1GB daily data, making it 35GB data for the existing customers and the new users will get 37GB data for one month with 7GB additional data, instead of 5GB.


Under the Rs. 699 plan, Airtel will provide 2GB data per day and 8GB base plan data, making it a total of 68GB for existing customer. And the new acquisitions will get 70GB with 10GB as base plan data.

Lastly, there’s the Rs. 999 plan which provides 12GB data under the base plan and 3GB data per day for 30 days. The existing customers will get a total of 102GB data, while the new users will be rewarded with 104GB data. Also, users have to get the Airtel 4G Hotspot device or Airtel Dongle to enjoy these services.

After the exhaustion of 1GB daily data, users will be moved to the 5GB base pack usage under the Rs. 499 plan. After the consumption of entire 5GB data, the customer gets throttled speeds of 80 Kbps. Also, the base plan quota gets renewed every billing cycle after the recharge.

This offer of daily data benefit continues up to March 31, 2018, and after March 31, the Rs. 499 will offer just 5GB data, the Rs. 699 plan offer just 8GB data, and the Rs. 999 will provide 12GB data per month. Do make a note that none of these plans will offer voice and SMS benefits.

Airtel will most likely make these plans live today or tomorrow according to our sources. That said, these new plans for data cards from Airtel are to counter Jio’s offer for the JioFi hotspot device.

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May 20, 2017 2:17 am 2:17 AM

P.S. Something similar is coming for myPlan postpaid users at very similar price rates. I’m expecting to get the info in about 8 days from today.

May 19, 2017 6:20 am 6:20 AM

Airtel data tariffs are with pure hidden tariff and nothing transparent in tariffs. Just fooling and cheating customer and public.