Airtel Users Can Stream OTT Content on their TV Screens Using Internet TV

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With the increasing popularity of OTT and on-demand video content, the DTH operators are brainstorming for solutions which provide their subscribers with a way to access this content without giving up their DTH connections. Good for Airtel Digital TV subscribers, since Airtel already has a very good product called Airtel Internet TV which allows the subscribers to access the online content alongside the normal television channels. The Airtel Internet TV bundles content from providers like HOOQ, Netflix, Amazon Prime and more and it facilitates streaming over an internet connection. Interested customers will be able to get the Airtel Internet TV at Rs 2,269 and it will also allow them to purchase a Google Home Mini worth Rs 3,999 at just Rs 2,499. There’s another offer as well which allows customers to purchase the Internet TV at Rs 3,499 and it also bundles one month of free Mega HD channel pack worth Rs 600 for free.

Airtel Internet TV Pricing and Basic Features

The Airtel Internet TV is available at the price of Rs 3,499, and this will get you the Airtel Internet TV set-top box along with one month of Mega HD pack from Airtel. As for additional benefits, you will also get free Airtel TV subscription for 12 months, free games from Airtel, and one month of Netflix trial. If you wish, then you can continue with the HD Mega Pack from Airtel for Rs 699 per month or choose your own pack for the DTH connection. Now the question is, does the Airtel Internet TV feels like the right choice if you want to enjoy streaming services on your TV screen and does the price justify it? Here’s your answer.

The Airtel Internet TV is a 4K set-top box which comes powered by the Google’s Android TV platform and supports features like Google Voice search, Dolby ATMOS, SD Card and multiple USB slots. Internet TV also has a built-in Chromecast which will let you stream your smartphone content on the bigger screen easily. The remote which accompanies like Airtel Internet TV is also a voice-based one meaning that you will be able to control your screen only with your voice, including commands to open an app, increase volume etc.

Airtel Internet TV is also available at Rs 2,269, but it will not come bundled with any channel pack like the offer mentioned above. Also, new Airtel Internet TV users will be able to purchase Google Home Mini at Rs 2,499, down from Rs 3,999 original price.

Voice Remote, Gaming and Other Internet TV Features

Gaming is also a big part of Airtel Internet TV as it will avail a lot of Play Store and Airtel Games on the big screen and thanks to the Airtel Smart Remote app, you will be able to use your mobile phone as a game controller. Additionally, you can use the Airtel Internet TV to record, play and pause TV shows, you can also use Bluetooth on the Internet TV STB to connect Bluetooth headsets, Keyboards or Game controller.

Above all, Internet TV has become a specially attractive offering in the market because now viewers have to manage multiple devices on multiple subscriptions for their DTH connection, Netflix, Amazon Prime and other services. However, the Airtel Internet TV will allow the viewers to unify all their subscriptions at one place, and it will also offer a seamless experience where you will be able to watch content from your DTH subscription or services effortlessly.

Airtel Internet TV Competitors Coming Up in Market

With the imminent launch of Reliance JioFiber and the GigaTV set-top box, there is some threat to Airtel Internet TV. Much like this product from Airtel which combines the internet based streaming content along with the traditional DTH content, Reliance Jio is also offering something similar under its Triple Play plan. The subscribers of this service will get features like JioCall, using which they can video call their contacts from the TV itself, and similarly, they will also be able to stream on-demand video content which Reliance Jio has said that it will bundle with its subscription. With all this being said, Airtel is now surely looking to compete with Reliance Jio on all the fronts.

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Published by
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