Excitel 100 Mbps Broadband Plans for Less than Rs 500 Per Month Could be the Most Attractive Ones

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We are only a few days ahead of the launch of India’s most awaited fibre-broadband service in the market, Reliance JioFiber. The Mukesh Ambani led telecom operator has announced the commercial launch of its FTTH service on September 5, and it seems that all the other broadband players in the field have played their card except Jio. This means that we already know the plans and pricing of other broadband service providers. Some of the big names in the industry currently include ACT Fibernet, Airtel Broadband, Hathway Broadband and the likes. However, there is also a fairly new broadband service provider in the country which has its operations in merely three cities, but based on its attractive pricing, the ISP has been able to expand to its third city and grow very fast. The company that we are talking about is Excitel broadband and here are some of its attractive broadband plans.

Excitel 100 Mbps and More Broadband Plans

It is worth noting that Excitel broadband is a fairly small broadband service provider and it currently has operations in three cities, namely, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad and Jaipur with the last one being the latest addition in their network. Coincidentally, Excitel is also offering the most attractive plans in Jaipur only with the most choices. The offerings start at 50 Mbps and go as high as 300 Mbps.

Excitel Broadband Plans in Jaipur

The 100 Mbps plan will start at Rs 699 per month for a single month connection, whereas it will cost Rs 525 per month for a 3-months subscription, Rs 490 for six-months subscription and Rs 436 for a 12-months subscription. Along with this connection, the subscribers will also get a dual-band WiFi fiber-router, and there is also going to be a Rs 2,000 refundable security deposit. Subsequently, there is also the 200 Mbps plan which starts at Rs 849 per month for a single month connection, and it is available for Rs 638 per month for 3-months connection, Rs 596 per month for a 6-months connection and Rs 529 per month for a 12-months connection.

The highest speed that Excitel is providing in Jaipur is 300 Mbps and these plans start at Rs 999 per month for a single month, and are available for Rs 751 per month for a quarter, Rs 701 per month for a semi-annual subscription and Rs 623 per month for an annual subscription.

Excitel Broadband Plans in Delhi NCR and Hyderabad

Comparatively, in Hyderabad, the 100 Mbps connection from Excitel starts at Rs 645. For a quarter, the subscribers will have to pay Rs 1,745, whereas they will have to shell out Rs 3,095 for a semi-annual connection and Rs 5,425 for an annual connection. In comparison with all the two cities, the Excitel broadband plans in Delhi NCR are pricier, and you will find that the 100 Mbps plans start at Rs 995 per month for a single month connection, and for an annual connection, it will be available for Rs 623 per month.

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