Airtel Safe Pay Launched to Make Digital Payments More Secure

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Bharti Airtel has just launched ‘Airtel Safe Pay’ to protect its users' digital payments and transactions. The service has been launched under the telco’s online banking arm, ‘Airtel Payments Bank’. With the ‘Airtel Safe Pay’, users will be able to make net banking and Unified Payments Interface (UPI) transactions through Airtel Payments Bank without any worry of losing their money to online frauds and thefts. Airtel says that this technology is better and more secure than the industry’s two-factor authentication system — more details on the story ahead.

Airtel Safe Pay Leverages Telco’s Exclusive Strength of Network Intelligence

In a release, the telco said that ‘Airtel Safe Pay’ leverages company’s strength of network intelligence to provide an extra layer of payment validation which is more secure than the two-factor authentication system.

This technology and security infrastructure is aimed to save Airtel’s subscribers from phishing attempts, stolen passwords and credentials, and sometimes even phone cloning that users don’t understand mostly.

With the help of ‘Airtel Safe Pay’ users will be able to make payments to merchants across the country through Airtel Payments Bank in a safe and secure environment. Even sending money to friends and family will become safer with ‘Airtel Safe Pay’.

Users don’t have to pay anything to the telco for leveraging its secure payments infrastructure to make online transactions. For understanding how ‘Airtel Safe Pay’ works, keep reading ahead.

How Does Airtel Safe Pay Works?

Airtel Safe Pay can be enabled by going to the Airtel Payments Bank. To do that, first, open the Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone, once done, tap on the Payments Bank option at the bottom of the screen. Then you will see the account you have added on top reflecting ‘Safe Pay’ status as deactivated. Click on that account, and you will get an option to enable ‘Safe Pay’, do that for both Net Banking and UPI payments.

After that, whenever you make UPI or net banking payments, you will be alerted on a real-time basis for the transaction you are about to make. Once you approve the transaction, the money will be sent to the concerned party.

Advantages of Airtel Safe Pay

There are four primary advantages of Airtel Safe Pay. First is that it uses Airtel’s Network Intelligence to make online transactions a safer experience for you. Second, you get real-time confirmation alerts for any transaction that is taking place through your account. Third, there is an additional layer of security (three-factor authentication) which no other wallet in the country offers at the moment. Lastly, there is no exposure to the primary account through which payments are processed.

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