Airtel Nigeria Set to Launch 5G Services Soon

Airtel Nigeria, a subsidiary of Airtel Africa, prepares for the launch of 5G services in Nigeria after acquiring 4G and 5G spectrum from the NCC. The move aims to provide faster internet speeds and improved connectivity for Airtel customers.


  • Airtel Nigeria secures 4G and 5G spectrum, paving the way for enhanced connectivity.
  • Airtel Nigeria's market share sees slight growth, serving over 60 million customers.
  • Airtel joins other telecom operators in launching 5G services in Nigeria.

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Airtel Nigeria Set to Launch 5G Services Soon

Airtel Nigeria, a subsidiary of Airtel Africa, has secured 4G and 5G spectrum from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), setting the stage for the introduction of 5G services in the country. Airtel Nigeria has now generated buzz and anticipation for its upcoming 5G launch with a tweet from its official AirtelNigeria account. The tweet reads, "Airtel 5G is almost ready for you, are you ready for it? Click the link in bio to see if you're already in the 5G zone." Airtel is set to soon launch 5G in Nigeria.

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Airtel Nigeria Acquires 4G and 5G Spectrum

In Jan 2023, Airtel Nigeria announced the purchase of 100 MHz spectrum in the 3500 MHz band for 5G and 2x5 MHz of 2600 MHz spectrum for 4G. The spectrum acquisition, valued at USD 316.7 million, paves the way for enhanced connectivity and faster internet speeds for Airtel customers. In May, Airtel announced the renewal of its 2x10MHz 2100 MHz spectrum license in Nigeria, valid for 15 years. These moves demonstrate Airtel's commitment to meeting the increasing demands of a connected society by delivering high-performance networks in Nigeria.

Airtel Nigeria VoLTE Services

To further enhance the voice-calling experience, Airtel Nigeria has also launched Voice Over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) services in April 2023. This technology ensures superior voice quality and seamless connectivity for Airtel customers across the country.

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Airtel's Market Share

According to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), as of April 2023, Airtel Nigeria holds a market share of 27.01 percent, serving over 60.03 million customers. This represents a slight increase from its market share of 26.58 percent in February 2023, reflecting Airtel's continuous efforts to expand its customer base.

Joining the ranks of MTN and MAFAB, who launched 5G services following the issuance of licenses in December 2021, Airtel is expected to introduce its 5G services this month, in June 2023. The acquisition of Spectrum positions Airtel Nigeria as one of the key players in the race to deliver next-generation connectivity in the country.

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Airtel 5G in Nigeria

With the introduction of 5G, Airtel Nigeria aims to revolutionize the digital landscape, offering speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G. The improved performance and reliability of 5G will meet the growing needs of an increasingly connected society, enabling seamless transitions between networks when moving in and out of 5G coverage areas.

According to the website, Airtel Nigeria says in the initial phase, 5G services will be available in specific locations. Airtel Nigeria has stated that existing data plans can be used for 5G connectivity, and there are no specific bundles dedicated solely to 5G usage at the moment.

As the demand for faster internet speeds continues to rise, Airtel Nigeria's foray into 5G technology is a significant milestone. By acquiring Spectrum and launching VoLTE services, Airtel is demonstrating its commitment to delivering exceptional connectivity and a superior customer experience in Nigeria's dynamic telecommunications market.

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