Airtel Family Scheme Has a New Contender in the Form of Vodafone RED Together

By November 30th, 2017 AT 7:38 AM

Vodafone India has launched a new RED Together scheme for its postpaid customers. The new scheme basically lets consumers come together on their RED postpaid and save up to 20% of their total bills. The postpaid scheme allows users to form a group and make a single payment for a group rental.


To recall, Bharti Airtel came up with a similar Airtel Family scheme for allowing a single postpaid plan for a number of family members. Both these plans are meant for groups like families and offer a lot of shared benefits. Here is a comparison between the two schemes in case you were wondering which scheme is the best one.

Airtel Family Scheme

Airtel Family plan is meant for Airtel postpaid subscribers, and a customer can choose the scheme from My Airtel app or Airtel Selfcare portal. Under this offer, postpaid users can create a “Family” of up to 5 members and share benefits of the plan with them. Airtel says postpaid users can save up to 20% with the myPlan Family scheme.

The offer involves a primary member who will be the host for myPlan. The primary holder can pick a rental plan depending on the usage requirements and invite members to ‘Family’ pack. After sending out numbers to Airtel, each proposed member is sent SMS notification by Airtel to seek confirmation to be added.

With one parent account, multiple users can share data, and as well each member can be allotted a certain data cap. One can even add prepaid users to the Family postpaid from My Airtel App. Users will also get a single bill under the Airtel Family scheme.

Moreover, Airtel Family postpaid subscribers will benefit from unused data. Airtel has promised users of the Family pack can carry forward their unused data which will be rolled over onto the next billing cycle. However, a customer can carry forward up to 500GB of data.

Vodafone RED Together

Vodafone announced the rollout of RED Together scheme for its postpaid customers, which is almost similar to Airtel Family scheme. The plan is meant for existing Vodafone RED customers starting with the basic users with a rental plan of Rs 399.

Under this offer, Vodafone users can club together their respective plans to get savings up to 20% of a total rental of the group. For example, you’re a Vodafone RED postpaid user and on the RED 499 postpaid plan.


Vodafone is offering 10% discount on adding two customers to the RED Together scheme, 15% discount on adding three customers, and for adding four or more customers, the telecom operator is providing 20% discount.

Further, Vodafone is offering guaranteed extra data benefit up to 20GB, which again depends upon the number of members you add to your Vodafone account. Vodafone also has the data rollover scheme with which customers can accumulate up to 200GB.

Meanwhile, Vodafone RED postpaid plans, also come loaded with benefits like free national roaming, data roll over to next billing cycle, 12 months free subscription to Netflix, Vodafone Play and Magzter, and, device protection with RED Shield. It is to be noted that the RED packages are now not available in Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Andhra Pradesh.

Concluding, there are not many differences between the Airtel Family and Vodafone RED Together schemes, but Vodafone is also offering 20GB additional data if you add more members to your account. That said, Vodafone RED Together scheme has a slight upper hand in this department, and even Vodafone has the upper hand in the postpaid plans segment too.

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