Airtel eSIM: Things You Must Know Before Applying

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Airtel eSIM

Bharti Airtel is one of the telecom operators providing the Airtel eSIM service to its subscribers. With the proliferation of devices that offer eSIM features to the users, it is imperative to know about this new phenomenon. If you were to buy a smartwatch in the premium segment, or an Apple iPhone, then chances are then you would have to resort to using an eSIM instead of a physical second SIM. To the unknown, the process of shifting to an eSIM can be very daunting. However, once you start using an eSIM going back might be tough because of how seamless the technology of an eSIM is. But, here are some of the things that you must know before applying for a Bharti Airtel eSIM. Largely, these steps apply to other operators as well.

The necessity of a Linked Email ID

If you are transferring from a physical SIM to an Airtel eSIM for the first time, it is imperative to link your email ID with your Airtel number. In case you have not done this year, you will have to go to the Airtel Thanks application and update your email ID in the profile section. However, simply inputting the ID is not sufficient to obtain an Airtel eSIM; you will also have to verify your email ID by getting a confirmation code. Post this; you can apply for the Airtel eSIM by messaging “eSIM” followed by your email ID to the 121 number.

It is quite possible that your email ID might not be linked instantly, and even after multiple attempts, you get the error that the email ID is not registered, then you will have to call the customer service to request a manual email ID update. After a few hours, post the update of the email ID, you can again try applying for the Airtel eSIM.

Airtel eSIM Handling While in Device

As the name suggests, an Airtel eSIM is configured via software and authentication. There is no physical SIM inside your phone to make the network and mobile data work. As such, you add an Airtel eSIM by scanning the QR code which you get in your email ID. However, this also means that the Airtel eSIM can be easily revoked from your phone. You must keep in mind that while you fidget around the settings menu in your phone, you must not remove the “Mobile Data Plan”, which is under your Airtel eSIM; if you do this, you might permanently revoke your SIM, causing you a lot of hassle and of course, loss of network and calling and SMS services.

Deactivation of Service For 24 Hours

Lastly, you should keep in mind that post-activation of Airtel eSIM, you will not be able to receive or send any SMS from your phone for 24 hours. This is done by the telecom operator to make sure that no one scams you by requesting an eSIM of your number and then using the OTPs to make transactions or hack your accounts. So, if you have plans of registering UPI accounts, or other important social media accounts using OTP, you might have to wait for an entire day.

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