Bharti Airtel Re-Engineering Entire Organisation to Prioritise Solving Customer Problems

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Bharti Airtel is known for acquiring high-value customers and providing high bandwidth services. It has been in the telecom industry for many years now and has been able to create a very loyal customer base. Now, Bharti Airtel is raising the standards of its services to ensure that their customers get only the best-in-class service. The telco has made a goal of addressing every customer query there is. Along with this, Airtel aims to learn from their mistakes and ensure that they don’t repeat it again. At a time when people are relying more and more on mobile networks and broadband services from telcos such as Airtel, it is important that telcos address the needs of their customers as early as possible.

Airtel Going Aggressive on Its Approach to Help Customers

Customers are the soul of a company. It is very important for a good product or a service to be backed by a good customer care team as well. Airtel is going pretty aggressive on its approach to helping out its customers. It has declared a war on service failure and has targeted to resolve every customer query there is.

Shashwat Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer of Bharti Airtel commented, “The relationship between Airtel and its customers has never been more important, and to serve them even better we have decided to take our customer obsession to the next level. We know that "ZERO questions" is an impossible utopian thought especially for a telecom brand, but that won’t stop us from trying because we know that the closer we get to zero, the happier our customers will be. We promise to be humble, learn every time we fail and be relentless in our approach. For us, this is not just a campaign, we are now re-engineering the entire organization towards this goal and are obsessed with building a culture of consumer centricity.”

Airtel has been investing pretty heavily on developing high-speed networks for its customers. In the last three years, the telco has invested over Rs 70,000 crore on the same. Airtel is very obsessed about taking care of the needs of their customers. The Airtel Management Board meets every morning to discuss the best possible way to address customer issues and queries. Every feedback provided to the company is taken very seriously and worked on as soon as possible.

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