This is How Airtel Digital TV Subscribers Can Select Channels For their DTH Subscription

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At the start of this year, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) introduced new regulations for the subscribers of the DTH and Cable TV services. After the introduction of the rule which mandated the Set-Top Boxes and the digitisation of the DTH and cable TV industry, this was the biggest change that the subscribers had to go through. Millions of subscribers of DTH and cable TV services migrated to the new regime which was a thing of hassle. The subscribers had to migrate to the older pricing, and regulatory framework to the new Trai tariff regime and that involved the selection of channels again from bottom up. Now, this was a very important step in the migration of the new regime as the subscribers who were not upgrading to the new tariff regime were being shifted to the base packs or were facing disruption in services. However, with that being said, knowing how to switch up your channels is important even now for multiple reasons.

Selecting Channels for Airtel Digital TV Subscribers

Now Airtel Digital TV subscribers also have three methods by which they can change their channel selections. Firstly for the subscribers, who do not possess the technical know-how to do it would be to do it through the customer care number. The other two methods would involve changing the channels either from the Airtel Thanks self-care app or the Airtel Digital TV website. To change channels from the Airtel Digital TV website, you will have to log in to the Airtel Digital TV portal using the login details, and then you will be greeted by many options which would include channel packs, like the “Airtel Recommended Packs”. Now it is worth noting that most of the times, the channel packs are cheaply priced as compared to the a-la-carte channels, but that might not necessarily be true for the recommended packs. Instead, you can opt for the bouquet, a-la-carte channels of the broadcaster packs as well.

Similar to this, the subscribers of Airtel Digital TV will also find it easy to tweak their channels from their Airtel Digital TV self-care app, which is the Airtel Thanks app. Using the app, in which the chances are that the subscribers would already be logged in, they will have to go on to manage their channel packs simply. In this section, they would be required to make their selection regarding the channel packs, and after showing the final subscription amount, they can decide to go ahead with their channel selection. In case you would like to tweak your channel packs further, you can also decide to go to the Trai channel selector application which is present on the Trai website which will allow you to select from broadcaster channel packs, bouquets and a-la-carte channels and it will also optimise your channel selection as well.

New Pricing Under Trai Tariff Regime Explained

Now the subscribers should also note that when they choose the packs or the a-la-carte channels, they would be shown the pricing of the particular pack, but the Network Capacity Fee (NCF) is something that they would have to pay separately on these channels. The NCF is billed at Rs 130 plus taxes for the slot of 100 SD channels or 50 HD channels. In case the subscriber wants to access more channels, then they are charged at the rate of Rs 20 for 25 additional channels.

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