Airtel Coverage+ to Offer Broadband Users Two Wi-Fi Nodes for Rs 3,999

Airtel Xstream Fiber is one of the largest broadband companies in the country in terms of market share


Airtel Xstream Fiber is one of the largest broadband companies in the country in terms of market share. The internet service provider (ISP) offers a low-cost entry-level broadband plan of Rs 499 with 40 Mbps speeds and unlimited data along with over-the-top (OTT) benefits.

The ISP is offering two Wi-Fi nodes with the router upon installation for an additional cost of Rs 3,999. For the unaware, Wi-Fi nodes or mesh enables users to get one seamless internet network throughout their home/office.

A Wi-Fi node is connected to the main router via an ethernet cable, and then it communicates with other nodes to improve the coverage of Wi-Fi throughout the area. Airtel is offering two Wi-Fi nodes for an additional cost of Rs 3,999 to its select users and calling it Airtel Coverage+.

Select Users Can Benefit from Airtel Coverage+

Airtel Coverage+ is for select users at the moment. The telco has availed it on a region/city-specific basis, and right now, it is available only for Chandigarh. We couldn’t confirm if the Airtel Coverage+ offer is also available in other regions/cities of the country.

Users can also add an additional node to their plan by paying Rs 2,499. It is worth noting that this is only available for broadband plans worth Rs 999 per month and more.

This is a good option for users who live in a large bungalow/house and can’t connect with their Wi-Fi network because of the dead zones. They can purchase the Airtel Coverage+ service and get two nodes or mesh routers for Rs 3,999.

As mentioned above, Wi-Fi nodes help extend the coverage of the internet network throughout the house/office and eliminate any dead network zones in the area. There is no confirmation on how soon this offer will be available for users across India. Also, a user can avail more than one additional node for Rs 2,499 by paying the same amount again.

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