Airtel gives away cheap and dysfunctional “Smart Sims”, are you impacted ?

Airtel recently tried to solve the sim size problem by offering customers a nano sim card and a smart sim pack which had sim trays of different sizes. This entire package came along with the sim for a nominal charge of Rs.50. Here is my feedback.


The original Nano sim that doesn’t fit into the Airtel sim tray.


The Nano sized sim card from Airtel

The package looked impressive and I thought that they have been crafted more precisely than the Chinese sim adapters but I was so wrong. I was surprised and taken back by the pathetic fit and finish of the sim trays, and one needed to really push the sim in the adapter.

I took the adapter to the nearest Airtel store (H.S.R Layout, Bangalore) and the store manager tried inserting the sim but even he failed. He also tried inserting it in another adapter but even that didn’t help. As usual the Airtel staff blamed me for not using the adapter properly and asked me to purchase a duplicate micro sim instead, defying the whole purpose of a sim card adapter. The store manager was extremely rude and he stopped paying any attention thereafter.


The after market sim tray that accommodates the nano sim perfectly

After this experience I walked into the neighbourhood mobile store and I was promptly handed a Chinese made sim adapter for Rs. 30 and voilà! it sure did fit perfectly in the slot.

I have witnessed the Airtel store managers shooing off the customers and behaving rudely with them, this gives rise to the billion dollar question- Is Airtel no more bothered about customers as they are leading in the market?.

Let us know in the comments below if you have faced something similar with Airtel before.

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abhishek kumar
January 9, 2015 5:20 pm 5:20 PM

Yes airtel store and evn Airtel customer service associates don’t know how to behave with there customer I m facing voice echo problm in my local area only I wrote email to Airtel and also call on 121 many time but after putting the call on hold they forget to unhold the call evn they relase call so cleverly
And my problme is as it
They lunch complaint and after 2-3 days they close it and never ask to customer that problm have been solve or not
Airtel suck

January 8, 2015 4:45 pm 4:45 PM

I am not sure why Phones are getting bigger but sim is getting smaller. Does not make sense. Everybody should follow Xiaomi way of using normal sims even for high end phones.

Sutripta Roy
January 8, 2015 2:33 pm 2:33 PM

Airtel has the best network coverage in west bengal.and i think in india also.may be that’s why they are showing these west bengal though vodafone has the largest number of subscriber base,for last 2 years gradually vodafone drops their network strength.but airtel gives the best network i had ever used.but these type of services are not expecting by the customers from the company like airtel.they should look around these matters.