Exclusive: Airtel to Launch 4G ready Smart Sim in Kerala Circle

Airtel is buckling up for the next gen with its Smartphone centric products, Airtel had recently started offering Smart sim in Andhra Pradesh circle. This Sim card is essentially a Nano Sim from Airtel along with adapters that will ensure that it can be used as Micro Sim/Nano Sim as well as a regular SIM card.


First 4G Ready Airtel Smart SIM

Airtel Smart Sim means no more hopping to your nearby Mobile shops and getting the normal sim cut into smaller ones and the responsibility to retain the carcass. Moreover the petty shops charged anything between Rs50-Rs100 and the fitting of the Sim depended on the mood of the shopkeeper. I myself had a horrid experience when my Sim card was cut wrongly and I had to go all the way to service center to get a new one.


Airtel Smart SIM Kit

The Adapters sold as extra accessories cost Rs 100. Airtel is offering the Smart Sim at Rs25 which is a pittance! Another good bit is that this sim can be popped into your Data card and any other devices like iPad supporting Sim card. This SIM card comes with a new number .


Airtel Smart SIM Adapter

This time around Airtel users in Kerala can lay their hands on the Smart Sim package as it will soon be introduced in Kerala circle. The pro smartphone move from Airtel will surely reap huge benefits in the coming future as a major chunk of consumers already own smartphones or are on the verge of buying one.

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[…] recently tried to solve the sim size problem by offering customers a nano sim card and a smart sim pack which had sim trays of different sizes. This entire package came along with the sim for a nominal […]

August 19, 2014 3:54 pm 3:54 PM

When I wanted to get my Airtel Sim, to be cut into Nano, the local shop keeper offered for Rs.50/- and told me it would be risky. I myself carefully cut the sim, into Nano and it is working fine with my Iphone 5. When I placed the same sim, into ordinary mobile, carefully, so that the black lines touch the sim part, it is working fine. I have experimented it, so that, in case, it is damaged, I would get a new one replaced from the Local Airtel Store by paying the replacement charges. I live in A.P

August 19, 2014 9:55 am 9:55 AM

It has been launched already, i just bought it in gurgaon,Haryana