TT Exclusive: Airtel 4G Portable Hotspot Review

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Airtel had recently introduced a 4G hotspot that would let you create your own hotspot anywhere and anytime without even using an external power source. We found this device to be the right bet for people constantly on the move and decided to take the portable 4G hotspot for a spin.

Design and Build
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Well frankly speaking design is an aspect that we really aren't much bothered about when it comes to a router or a dongle. The hotspot is shaped like a pebble and is finished in gloss. The hotspot looks futuristic and the thick silver strip running across the periphery provides the contrast.


The hotspot has a removable back panel just like in any other cell phone and once we open that we will find a battery pack again pretty much similar to any cellphone along with a micro SIM slot. The power button will fire on a small display that shows the signal strength, no of users connected and the total data usage. The battery lasts for 7 hours, on high usage, which is not bad at all.

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Quality of Connectivity and Range

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First things first, this device is not a full fledged WiFi router but just a personalized mobile hotspot. The speeds are excellent and are similar to the ones you get after plugging in the dongle directly to the PC. Range is good and it is good enough for a master bedroom plus the adjoining rooms.

Wrapping it Up

Airtel is the first operator to offer LTE 4G in India and their network is pretty strong and most importantly consistent. The hotspot will switch to 3G if 4G signals are not available. This device is a boon for people who travel and are in need of constant reliable internet connectivity.

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  • Excellent form factor, it is light and can easily be slipped into our pocket.
  • Good range and speed.
  • No need of continuous power supply as a single charge will  last for 7 hours.


  • The hotspot gets heated up fast.
  • The passkey is constant and cannot be changed.
  • It doesn't support 2G signals which means you would be not able to use it in an area with only 2G network.
  • Currently supports only postpaid sim cards.
  • At Rs.5000, this product is expensive.

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