Bharti Airtel Announces *121# Digital Care for Prepaid Customers in Hindi and 10 Regional Languages

Bharti Airtel, India’s largest telecommunications services provider, today announced the launch of *121# Digital Care platform in Hindi and ten more regional languages – Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bangla, Oriya and Assamese. This makes the Digital Care platform much more accessible for millions of Airtel prepaid mobile customers across the country. That said, this is yet another industry first feature from Airtel to empower customers and deliver best-in-class service experience. Airtel has over 275 million mobile customers across India, of which approximately 93.7 percent are prepaid.

The *121# Digital Care is a quick and easy to use platform for Airtel prepaid customers to get basic information like balance amount/recharge validity/ details of last few transactions etc. Also, information relating to ongoing offers can be accessed via this platform and customers can also activate/deactivate value added services on their own from the digital care service.


Customers simply need to dial *121# from their mobile phones and access an easy to navigate the menu on their mobile screens to get their account related information in a matter of seconds. Airtel says that with this feature, customers no longer need to wait to speak to a customer care executive or visit an Airtel retail store for basic queries.

In addition, the *121# Digital Care facility is completely free of cost and does not require a data connection. It can be accessed via all smartphones and feature phones with regional language support.

Sarang Kanade, Director – Customer Experience, Bharti Airtel said, “This is yet another innovation from Airtel for the Indian market and will add to the overall service delivery experience. *121# Digital Care is already popular among our pre-paid customers given its ease of use, convenience and the introduction of regional languages will further lower the barrier to self-care adoption for basic information. The growing penetration of mobile devices with regional language support will accelerate the adoption of this platform.”

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???? ???? ?? ??? ???? ????????

Girish Gowda

Do you people think Hindi is also not a regional language?


Guru Hindi national language North indians ge. lol 😄

Girish Gowda

Houdhu swami. Even North Indians have their own majority languages like haryanvi, punjabi, etc, etc which are clubbed together as native Hindi speakers.

Sunny | Lucknow

That’s a fallacy. Seems like you’re getting fed some dodgy info. Lies repeated long enough start sounding like truth.

Girish Gowda

He is just kidding. We do that in our slang. Lol.


ek chota sa mazaka keliye ithna bada line likake energy kyu waste karthe ho sunny bhai 😂 😂 😂


Hindi is regional language, who told, Hindi is national language?, If told like that, come to Tamilnadu,tell here my dera north indian boys


Can you please stop this discussion? 26 states have accepted hindi only in the greater interest of communication and national integration. Hindi itself changes in every state. So why not you make your own flavour of it like hyderabadis instead of always bashing it? Come out of the shell and come out of south states, whole India is waiting for you.

I’m as south Indian as you but I don’t accept this irrational fear and anger over Hindi.

Sunny | Lucknow


These types of people are internal enemies of the State. Some know the politics behind all this, some don’t. Both are creating the same worrying problems for India’s unity & integrity.


@Tamilselvan : Brother first of all we are Indian & please accept the trurth now a days almost 85% people in India understand Hindi whether its Tamilnadu karnataka Odisa or kerla or Delhi. Even outside India people know Indian as Hindi speaking people so we can say that Hindi is not only a regional language its more than that. And yes it does not mean we should ignore another languages because its our culture and India is also known for its diffrent types of culture and languages. Many north Indian people watch tamil, telugu and kannad movie with subtitle so… Read more »


Not sure why some people hate Hindi but still love english. I feel its more into understanding the lang. Those who dont understand hindi will always bash it but once they will start understanding them their hatered toward hindi will go away.

Girish Gowda

Please. Nobody hates the language. Everyone hates the speakers who force it on others while not learning our language or history. Everyone hates the forcible writing in Hindi on metros when not even 4% of the population are from hindi states. I hope TT doesn’t moderate even this comment since truth must be told or we will not be any better than Pakistan.


You said it right only 4% population are from hindi speaking states but yet 26 states accepts hindi as the national language the only issue is with the 4 southern states. Please dont think accepting hindi will make your regional language go away. MP has more than 1000 languages completely different from hindi yet their state language is hindi. In north India every state has their own regional language but since we know hindi it becomes easier for us to accept hindi.

Sunny | Lucknow



Actually it’s not.

First I totally understand the viewpoint of Non Hindi speakers and support that Hindi should not be forced on them and that English can be a practical and useful medium between different people.

Now, Hindi is spoken in more than half the Indian states, and understood in almost all of the states. Tell me any one other language that has the same draw? None.

Also, the constitution of India, the supreme law of the land is written in Hindi and English. So you get the idea. Just don’t bash the Hindi for the sake of it.

Girish Gowda

I think you might not have read the constitution since the constitution states that there can be no National language of India. And I will bash Hindi since its the reason so many regional languages are dying in state government controlled offices (even in official Hindi states which don’t have a majority native hindi speakers).

Sunny | Lucknow

Forget about the Constitution, it’s not even ratified by the people, lol. We could do with a new one. Current one is a bundle of mistakes.


To tell you the truth Girish, languages come and go. It doesn’t mean the people change. There were entire parts of India speaking Persian once, now all gone forever. Pakistan spoke Dravidian tongues, now gone. Prakrit, Old Gujarati, Proto-Tamil, all gone. Why? Because they were no longer viable. People need to communicate, they’ll find a way to do it….Karnataka will not change because it’s language has changed. It’s simply impossible to live the same way in Bangalore as one does in Chandigarh. I have never seen language as a big deal and never will. Because your culture is defined by… Read more »

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