Update: afVNO-Powered TELECOMTALK 4G Coming Soon

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As you know recently the government approved a new category of unified licence for VNOs, which gives smaller telcos more options to monetise unutilised spectrum, besides trading and sharing. We at TelecomTalk have decided to take this opportunity to widen our horizons in the telecom sector by launching our own virtual network operator (AFVNO).


With the vast knowledge of analysing and evaluating the telecom sector in India we believe we are at a position where we know what subscribers want and would strive to give it to them in the most cost effective way. Unlike traditional MVNO technology which rides over the network of existing operators, our AFVNO technology is rather greenfield and uses unlicensed spectrum in the 2.4 and 5GHz bands so we do not incur exorbitant expenses in buying spectrum and are able to deliver dirt cheap data and voice services to our subscribers.

As we are yet in the initial stages of building our network and partnering with tower companies, it will take us a couple of months to launch into the market commercially. In the meanwhile, we have a treat for our loyal readers who will be the first to get the taste of our superior network soon.

Since we are yet to finalise the brand name we offer our readers a chance to help us to suggest a good brand name and data plans. Go on, suggest a suitable brand name for the company along with the tagline.

This will be a soft launch of our services to test the glitches in the network so we can fix them before our big pan India commercial rollout. The tariffs post these 3 months will be declared at the time of full-fledged commercial launch. So put on your thinking caps and get creative.

Team TT Wishes Happy April Fool’s Day!!

Sorry to disappoint you, our readers! afVNO-Powered TELECOMTALK 4G is this year’s April Fool prank from your beloved Team Telecomtalk.

While our regular readers caught the joke easily, many did not, some even found out that we were playing a prank and commented saying so, Sorry our intelligent readers we didn’t publish your comments during that time.

Finally the entire Team TT like to say sorry for any inconvenience caused to you i hope you take this in the right spirit after all its all fools day

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