Finding an affordable true unlimited (No FUP) wired broadband ISP in Mumbai

While on the wireless broadband turf we have all accepted that the chances of finding a true unlimited 4G or 3G data plan without fair usage policy (FUP) is next to nil, leave alone being affordable, the wired broadband segment is a different ball game altogether, with numerable class ‘A’ and ‘B’ internet service providers (ISP’s) in the market today. Wired broadband does not face the constraints of limited spectrum like wireless broadband faces, which is why one can readily find true unlimited plans not subject to FUP.


Most users today would choose a low speed 2 Mbps broadband plan with no FUP over a high speed 50 Mbps plan with FUP cap beyond which the speeds are dropped to 512 Kbps. 2 Mbps is enough speed to stream HD videos on YouTube and Netflix without buffering and being a low speed plan operators offer very attractive tariffs as well.

Since Quality coupled with affordability is my focus for this article, I have picked 6 leading wired broadband operators in Mumbai who offer true unlimited 2 Mbps broadband plans and have compared their annual tariff exclusive of tax and the effective monthly tariff (Since it works out cheaper than monthly subscription price). In the chart below you can see the ISPs arranged in an ascending order of effective monthly tariff for true unlimited 2 Mbps data.

Name of ISP Annual tariff (exclusive of tax) Effective Monthly tariff (exclusive of tax)
Joister Connect Rs. 4949 Rs. 412
Reliance Communications Rs. 6999 Rs. 583
Hathway Broadband Rs. 8799 Rs. 733
You Broadband Rs. 15434 Rs. 1286
Tata Docomo Rs. 17988 Rs. 1499
MTNL Rs. 27489 Rs. 2291

There are many more broadband service providers who operate in Mumbai and may even have better offerings at lower tariffs but I have only considered the ones who have a city wide footprint as opposed to others who are localised to select neighbourhoods. Other major operators who do not offer a true unlimited 2 Mbps plan have also been excluded. If you are looking for operators who provide affordable true unlimited data (No FUP) at higher speeds then I would suggest ‘We internet’ which offers 10 Mbps at an annual cost of Rs.6000 inclusive of tax which comes up to Rs.500 a month or ‘Spectranet’ which offers 20 Mbps at Rs.1249 a month exclusive of tax.

What plan do you currently use? share your reviews of your ISPs in the comments section below.

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August 29, 2016 9:36 pm 9:36 PM

apparently very good deals ! any major downtime ?

Manu Arora
July 15, 2016 10:42 pm 10:42 PM
Finding a TRULY UNLIMITED BROADBAND in North-West Delhi is very difficult. Only option is MTNL 1899 which gives 2Mbps Unlimited with 250 free calls but quality and service is pathetic as MTNL GSM. Although many local ISP are also present in Delhi, like Den Boomband, Tikona, ANI, SpectraNet, Siti Broadband etc. , But none of them provide Service at my location or they have different excuses. So finally in Feb,2016 I switched to Airtel Broadband Rs.1899 plan. This offers 80 GB FUP with 8Mbps speed and Unlimited STD+ Local Calls. I even didn’t remember when I faced Internet downtime last… Read more »
July 15, 2016 10:16 pm 10:16 PM

I shall need the Broadband connection from next month. My location is between Kandivali to Dahisar in Mumbai. Which is best and cheapest BB Plan in Mumbai – Need FUP Plan – atleast 10 GB for 1 to 2 MBps and then atleast 512kbps to 1Mbps speed. Monthly charges max upto 500/- Pls help to find good company and good plan. JOISTER CONNECT NETWORK is not available between kandivali to dahisar area. Thank you.

Oni Ray
August 23, 2016 4:03 am 4:03 AM

If you’re still looking, check if Hathway is available in your area. They have very good plans in Mumbai, although a bit more expensive than your budget. Rs. 850 gets you 25GB @ 50Mbps (yes, 50), thereafter @ 1Mbps. Else, look at Tikona, they should be within your budget. 2Mbps 10GB at Rs.500.